When does UT Champions start in EA FC 24? Weekend League delay explained

When does UT Champions start in EA FC 24? Weekend League delay explained
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27th Sep 2023 16:59


There has been an unfortunate delay to Weekend League in EA FC 24, but we've got everything that you need to know to find out when the first UT Champions starts.

UT Champions (commonly referred to as Weekend League) is the premier game mode within EA FC, which has players try and win as much as possible within a 20-game limit. There is a short wait at the start of each new game before you can jump into UT Champions though, and this year's edition has been extended even further.

Thankfully, we've got all of the latest details right here for you, so continue reading to find out when UT Champions starts in EA FC 24, as the Weekend League delay has caused quite the confusion.

When does Weekend League start in EA FC 24?

UT Champions officially begins on October 6, 2023 in EA FC 24, giving players a little extra time to earn their points and submit their entry into the playoffs.

This is the result of a one-week delay, as Weekend League was originally supposed to commence on September 29, but EA has pushed it back.

You can start the UT Champions Play-Offs at any point though, so feel free to submit your points as soon as you earn them and start the challenging test to earn your Weekend League entry.

Why was UT Champions delayed in EA FC 24?

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While EA has given no official reason as to why Weekend League has been delayed one week in EA FC 24, we can presume that is it either due to the low number of players who have currently earned entry, or some fault in the game that they cannot fix in time.

While the early access release has given players week to earn the 1,250 points needed to qualify, only a select few will have been able to grind enough to get in - and EA might feel that is not enough to justify running it this early.

For me, Weekend League is one of the most exciting and important parts of Ultimate Team. Not only are you able to test your skills against the best players, but if you're good enough - which rarely am - you can earn an abundance of incredible awards too.

I can imagine that this weekend wouldn't have been too much fun though, as only the best players would have been playing and therefore each match would have been extremely close. With the delay of a week though, there should be enough time for many more to earn their place and battle it out for all of the best rewards.

Does UT Champions entry expire in EA FC 24?

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Thankfully, despite the delay to Weekend League in EA FC 24, your UT Champions entry will not expire and will be active for the first weekend when it does eventually arrive.

You are unfortunately unable to rescind your entry if you have already activated it, but if you have earned an entry token from the Play-Offs, you can use that at any point that you wish.

So, that's everything you need to know if you were wondering when Weekend League starts in EA FC 24. While the delay is definitely frustrating for everyone who wants to jump in and get the rewards early, it gives plenty of other players the chance to join the first week of rewards.

I've been winning lots of games with the best custom tactics in EA FC 24 - so make sure to check them out to improve your overall play ahead of Weekend League. We've got plenty more like this to help you out on our EA FC homepage, so make sure to check it out for the latest guides.

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