Every new celebration in EA FC 24: Inputs for the Penguin, Rock on & more

Every new celebration in EA FC 24: Inputs for the Penguin, Rock on & more
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25th Sep 2023 15:26

EA FC 24 has introduced new celebrations this year including the Penguin, as well as new celebrations for certain players like Griezmann and Ronaldo. After you score, your player will run off to celebrate and by pushing certain inputs you will then perform the desired celebration. 

Below we have outlined all of the celebrations in the game, as well as what you need to press in order to perform the celebrations successfully. If you are on the lookout for the Griddy or Ronaldo’s Siu, we have you covered. 

All new celebrations in EA FC 24 & how to do them

Ronaldo sleep celebration in ea fc 24
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There are eight new celebrations introduced in EA FC 24, but some of them can only be performed by certain players as their default celebration. Here are all the new celebrations in EA FC 24:

Celebration Method
Faking it  L2 + flick R3 left twice / LT + Flick RS left twice
Bye  L1 + R3 / LB + RS
Rock On L2 + R3 / LT +RS
All Ears  L1 + Triangle / LB + Y 
Think  L2 + double tap Square / LT + double tap X
Griezman's Penguin  X/A with Griezmann 
Ronaldo's Nap  X/A With Ronaldo
Rashford point  X/A Rashford 

That's all there is to know about the new celebrations in EA FC 24. If you enjoy Career Mode but haven’t figured out who to start a save with and if Ultimate Team is more your thing we have a guide on how to complete the Hybrid League, Hybrid Nation and Hybrid League/Nation SBCs. For more, here is our EA FC 24 homepage

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