MW2 DMZ Buy Stations: How To Find, What You Can Buy

MW2 DMZ Buy Stations: How To Find, What You Can Buy
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Harry Boulton


18th Nov 2022 01:16

In MW2 DMZ Buy Stations give you the ability to purchase various items, equipment, and guns to help you increase your chances of survival and extraction. The new Extraction Shooter-esque game mode in Modern Warfare 2 requires you to escape safely, but why not pick up some useful items on the way too? So, to find out all about MW2 DMZ Buy Stations, including where to find them and what they sell, make sure to carry on reading down below.

Where Can You Find Buy Stations In MW2 DMZ?

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MW2 DMZ Buy Stations are dotted about the map in fixed locations for you to memorise. There isn't really any consistency when considering what other map interactions Buy Stations are near, but you will often find them within a cluster, and typically near a Stronghold too. 

You can have a look at where the nearest Buy Station is to your current location by opening up the Tac Map, zooming in on where you are (or where you want to go to), and then looking for the shopping cart symbol. Once you've found the nearest one, all you need to do is click on it with either the left mouse button or A/X and it will be pinged, making it incredibly easy to find.

What Can You Buy From MW2 DMZ Buy Stations?

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There is currently quite a lot that you can buy from the MW2 DMZ Buy Stations, ranging from contraband weapons, to armour plates, and even the MW2 DMZ Stronghold Keycard. Here's a full list of every item in the Buy Stations, and its corresponding price:

  • Armor Plate - $250
  • Munitions Box - $1,000
  • Gas Mask - $2,000
  • Medium Backpack - $5,000
  • Large Backpack - $30,000
  • 2-Plate Armor Vest - $7,500
  • 3-Plate Armor Vest - $35,000
  • Stronghold Keycard - $5,000
  • LTV with Turret - $18,000
  • Advanced UAV - $12,000
  • Art Museum Key (Used) - $30,000
  • TAQ-M - $3,000
  • S0-14 - $6,000
  • M16 - $6,500
  • Expedite 12 - $11,000
  • Vaznek-9K - $11,000
  • Rapp H - $25,000

You can also sell any loot that you've picked up throughout the raid for its stated price, which is a great way to clear out your inventory and also make sure that you're getting the best value for your effort. 

Any unsold loot is exchanged for XP and reduces your insured weapon cooldown upon extraction, so if you're not too bothered about that, or if you want to secure a high value item from the shop, then definitely make your way over to a Buy Station before extracting and spend your cash.

So, that's everything you need to know about the MW2 DMZ Buy Stations, giving you the information needed to find them, and then what you can actually purchase once you've got to one. If you want to know how to find the Chemist in MW2 DMZ, then have a read of our guide for all the details.

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