Disney Dreamlight Valley Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers And More

Disney Dreamlight Valley Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers And More
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11th May 2022 13:54

The Disney Dreamlight Valley release date has been on everyone’s minds since the official announcement trailer dropped. With this trailer came tantalising details about the game being described by everyone as a Disney Sims hybrid. The backdrop is set against a new evil named the Forgetting that is slowly taking over the Disney worlds. The game boasts to be a mixture of crafting, puzzles, landscaping, and customisation of the hub world, Dreamlight Valley. Here’s everything we currently know about Disney Dreamlight Valley, including its release date, gameplay, trailers and more.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Release Date

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Image via Gameloft

The game is currently in early access and still in development, with a full release date to be estimated for summer 2023. With plans to be a free-to-play game on release, the developers have promised that progression-based microtransactions will not be in the game. Instead, monetisation will be on cosmetic items only, for your player and their house.

By summer 2022, you’ll be able to gain early access to the game by paying for a Founder’s Pack. It is also due to release for early access on the Xbox Game Pass. The price of the Founder’s Pack hasn’t been released yet, but Gameloft have said they will drop the cover price and the game will become free-to-play upon the 2023 release date. They have, however, promised exclusive rewards for people that do contribute to the early access period.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Trailers

From the trailer we can see that resource gathering, fishing, gardening, and cooking are all available activities, the cooking of which takes place in Remy’s very own restaurant in the valley. The combination of sandbox freedom and NPC’s storylines are both showcased here.

The player will have their own base where they can customise their clothes with a wide array of choice (hundreds of choices according to Gameloft, with more to follow), which are inspired by iconic Disney looks. We can also see the home expanding over time with various upgraded items, showing that customisation doesn’t stop at the wardrobe.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gameplay

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Image via Gameloft

One feature showcased on the trailer, and further explained by Gameloft, is the selfie mechanic. Players will be able to take a selfie with their favourite Disney characters and share them on real-world social networking sites. Gameloft has also alluded to the possibility of multiplayer and are testing the capabilities on the participants of early access.

The thorns of the spreading Forgetting don’t just act as a narrative device, they also control progression of the game. The more quests you complete, the more thorns that will retreat and uncover more parts of the valley to explore. The valley is customisable with footage from the trailer suggesting you can control building placement. Like similar RPG elements, Gameloft have said that gift-giving will be included as part of the process of accruing friendships.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters

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The trailer, official announcements, and tweets from Gameloft have all teased a glimpse of characters from our favourite Disney and Pixar movies. The characters mentioned have been from these iconic films:

  • Toy Story
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Tangled
  • Frozen
  • Moana
  • Mickey & Friends
  • Wreck-it-Ralf
  • The Lion King
  • Ratatouille
  • Monsters Inc
  • Wall-E
  • Cinderella

With the developers saying there’s more to come.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Story

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Image via Gameloft

Gameloft has promised a main storyline along with the valley being a free-roam sandbox. As hinted by the trailer, the main plot will likely involve the player battling against the Forgetting’s control of the other Disney worlds. It's also suggested that each main Disney character will have their own unique story arc that you can complete to recruit them back to Dreamlight Valley.

An exciting prospect for those of us who have always wanted to live next door to our favourite lovable Disney characters. Gameloft has added that the citizens have lost their memories with the spread of the Forgetting, and it is the player’s job to help recover them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Platforms

PC, Xbox One, Xbox X, PS4 and PS5 will get early access to the game via the Xbox Game Pass or Founder’s Pack. On full release in Summer 2023 the game will release as free-to-play across all major platforms.

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