Xbox Fans Think Elden Ring Is Coming To Game Pass

Xbox Fans Think Elden Ring Is Coming To Game Pass
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Joseph Kime


13th Apr 2022 10:20

The Lands Between has been treating players well so far, and FromSoftware is reaping the rewards.

Elden Ring has been out for some time now, and it has predictably taken the gaming world by storm, pleasing FromSoftware fanboys and new players alike with its vast open world and seemingly limitless options for creating a fantasy experience unlike any other.

The game has been smashing it out of the park, critically and financially, instantly rocketing to the top of the charts and standing already as one of the highest-selling titles of the year.

But, fans think there could be a change coming - and they think the game could be making it to Game Pass.

Fans Think Elden Ring Is Game Pass' Next Game

The game may not have been out long, but still, fans of Xbox still reckon that Elden Ring will soon be making its arrival on Game Pass.

Typically among video game fans, it's acknowledged that Xbox boss Phil Spencer likes to leave little Easter eggs on his shelves that can be seen in his online video appearances, with the items that sit there hinting towards projects that Xbox are working on. And recently, during his appearance at the BAFTA Game Awards 2022, fans have noted that the shelves are housing a whopping great sword.

This sword is officially from Elden Ring, serving as a replica of one of the game's weapons that came as part of a limited press pack. This has led to widespread theorizing that the game could soon be dropping on Game Pass, allowing players to jump in at no extra cost.

Could Elden Ring Really Come To Game Pass?

There's every chance that Elden Ring could be landing on Game Pass eventually, but it'd be a massive misstep for FromSoftware to allow it to go to the service so soon. The game is crushing it in sales, and to fob it off onto the pass would be hugely unwise as it makes so much money right now.

It's likely wishful thinking from money-savvy fans, but we respect the optimism. The Lands Between could make it to Game Pass eventually - but it'll have to stop being a raging money mill first.


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