Destiny 2 Powerful Vex: How To Farm

Destiny 2 Powerful Vex: How To Farm
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5th Oct 2022 16:44

Destiny 2 powerful Vex are not so easily found or defeated. Destiny 2 often has quests with objectives that require the player to defeat some amount of powerful enemies of a certain type. Powerful Vex are any Vex enemies with yellow or orange health bars, and they are rare to find in most activities. Here is what you need to do to find plenty of Destiny 2 Powerful Vex.

Destiny 2 Powerful Vex: Strikes And Lost Sectors

A Warlock using Dawnblade on a Vex Mind
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Strikes and Lost Sectors are great for focusing in on particular enemy types, as you can always know ahead of time which enemies you will be coming up against. For our purposes, we are looking for content that has a decent amount of powerful Vex, which can be rarer than you would think. Not all Vex-related content features powerful enemies, so you need to seek out the ones that do.

Random strikes are not a great way to do this, so we are going to need to get repetitive. The Glassway on Europa is a good example, as although you spend the majority of the strike up against Fallen, the number of powerful Vex you face towards the end makes this strike a good way to farm powerful Vex. To really maximise your potential, you could go all the way to the end of the strike, and before killing the final boss, throw yourself into the radiolarian pool to restart the encounter. Do that a few times and you should have all the powerful Vex kills that you need.

If you prefer something a bit quicker and simpler, Lost Sectors are a great way to go. Again, powerful enemies aren't as abundant as you might think, many Lost Sectors have only one or two powerful enemies in the whole thing, including the boss. For powerful Vex, a great option is the Orrery on Nessus. Load into the Artifact's Edge drop zone in the centre of Nessus, and go to the Lost Sector in that small area just north of the spawn area.


This Lost Sector is called The Orrery, and it is about as short as they get. Enter the Lost Sector and sprint to the end. Enemies will spawn in as you do, but you can ignore them. Get to the end and you will find the boss, a Gatelord Minotaur, flanked by two Nightmare Harpies. Kill the Harpies, then bring the boss's health down to halfway. At this point, two more Harpies will spawn in. Take them out, then finish off the boss for five quick and easy powerful Vex kills. All you need to do is leave, or travel back to the landing zone, and repeat the process.

Destiny 2 Powerful Vex: Dares of Eternity, And Other Random Sources

Two Vex Harpies, and a Vex Hydra
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There are other methods of tracking down powerful Vex, or any other enemies, that could be much quicker but require some luck. These methods are not as reliable, but they can be a lot less repetitive. The best option is Dares of Eternity. During a Dares run, you have several waves of enemies which change each run.

If you are lucky, just one wave of Vex can be enough to get plenty of powerful Vex kills and complete your quest step. There are no guarantees that Vex will even appear, so chance is always a factor. The same is true for Gambit. You can get plenty of powerful enemy kills in Gambit, but the odds of facing the Vex are roughly one in five.

Instead of leaving things to chance, you can go do some public events. Vex-centric public events often have some powerful enemies included. A great example of this is the Vex Integration public event in the Asterion Abyss region of Europa. You can get a significant amount of powerful Vex kills from public events, and relatively quickly. The catch is, you have no control over when and where they happen. If you want to use this method, keep an eye on your map to find out where the next public event is going to happen, or use a third-party site which tells you exactly when a specific public event will appear.

Those are your best bets for getting Destiny 2 powerful Vex kills. For more on the game, check out Destiny 2 Lightfall Guardian Ranks Explained.

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