How long to beat Dead Island 2: Main quest & completionist

How long to beat Dead Island 2: Main quest & completionist
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25th Apr 2023 15:52

Our how long to beat Dead Island 2 guide covers how much time you will spend in HELL-A, especially depending on whether you focus on the main quest or take a more completionist route by finishing 100% of the available content. 

Dead Island 2 is an action role-playing game set in Los Angeles as a zombie outbreak takes over the place, forcing you to explore various areas in the city to find a way of escaping. Much like the original game, there is plenty of side content to also engage with, so you may want an explainer of how long the game is. 

Check out our full how long to beat Dead Island 2 guide, which covers the length of the main quest and a completionist playthrough.

How long to beat Dead Island 2

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You'll want to know how long to beat Dead Island 2, as the length changes drastically depending on how much of the content you engage with during your playthrough.

If you just want to focus on the main story, a straight run-through of the main quest will take you roughly 10–15 hours, but if you want to engage with some of the side content and take a more leisurely pace, the game can take anywhere between 20-30 hours to finish. 

For those of you looking to grab every achievement and gain 100% completion, the game can take upwards of 40 hours, as this requires you to finish every quest, open every fuse room, collect every key, find all the journals, and much more. 

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As always, these lengths are estimations based on our own time with the game, so your mileage may vary depending on various factors.

That's all for our how long to beat Dead Island 2 guide, and now you have an idea of how long the main quest is, and how long a completionist run takes. 

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