Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers: Everything You Need To Know

Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers: Everything You Need To Know
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Dave McAdam


18th Aug 2022 13:21

Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers is one of the two new Survivors coming to the game with Project W. Dead by Daylight had such a good time collaborating with Resident Evil last year that they are doing it once again. This time, we are getting Wesker as a Killer, and our new Survivors are Ada Wong and the prodigious Rebecca Chambers. Here is everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers.

  • Rebecca is not the only Resident Evil character making the jump across, as the Mastermind Dead by Daylight Wesker has come to terrorize the Survivors.

Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers: Background

Rebecca giving the helicopter pilot the thumbs up at the beginning of Resident Evil 0
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Rebecca, as mentioned, is another character jumping over from the Resident Evil series. If you haven't heard of her before, it may be because she was a side character with a small part in the original Resident Evil. However, she did then get the starring role as one of the playable characters in the prequel, Resident Evil 0.

Rebecca is part of the S.T.A.R.S. team, like a SWAT team but seemingly with much more responsibility. She joined the team extremely young, as she is only 18 at the time of the original Resident Evil. Her rapid ascension to the team was due to her exceptional medicinal skills and knowledge. Rebecca is a medical genius, graduating from university at only 18 years old.

Her expertise lead her to joining the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team as their medic, who are sent to the Arklay Mountains to investigate reports of cannibalism. Unfortunately for Rebecca, those "cannibals" turned out to be a horde of zombies in a big spooky mansion. You have to hate it when that happens.

Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers: Gameplay

Rebecca attending to Meg's wounds
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As a character model, Rebecca seems fairly perfect for Dead by Daylight. She is slim, not overly tall, and she wears fairly muted colours so she shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb when trying to hide from a Killer. However, how she looks in the game is really just a cosmetic feature. The important factors for gameplay are her perks.


Rebecca's three perks are Better Than New, Reassurance and Hyper Focus. These perks reflect Rebecca as a person, she is a medic, someone who supports her team, and also a genius. Better Than New is her healing perk, which activates whenever Rebecca heals a fellow Survivor. Once healed, the teammate has a 6% speed boost to repairing generators, healing others, opening supply chests, and cleansing totems for up to 35 seconds.

Her second perk, Reassurance, can help teammates who are on a hook. If Rebecca can get within 6 metres of the hooked Survivor, she can press a button to activate this perk. Activating Reassurance will pause the hooked Survivor's sacrifice progress for up to 30 seconds. If they are already on stage two, the perk will remove skill checks for that amount of time.

Finally, Hyper Focus is for you skill check wizards out there. Every time you complete a great skill check, which is when you hit the skill check in that tiny zone that grants extra progress, you gain a stack of Hyper Focus, up to a total of six. For each stack of Hyper Focus, skill checks are triggered 2% more often and the speed of the skill check is 4% faster.

However, each skill check correctly hit has its bonus increased by up to 30% per stack. Now, you lose all stacks if you stop repairing or healing, fail a check, or even simply hit a regular good skill check. If you can chain several great skill checks with this perk equipped, you can massively increase the speed at which Survivors are healed and generators are repaired.

That is everything to know about Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers. For more on the game, check out our list of currently active Dead by Daylight codes.

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