14 best Minecraft seeds for 1.20 In 2024

14 best Minecraft seeds for 1.20 In 2024
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Seeds in Minecraft can be used to give you tonnes of easy resources, showcasing interesting quirks to explore in how the environment has been generated.

Currently on patch 1.20, and with the much-anticipated 1.21 still without a clear launch, there are lots of tried and true seeds out there that can be explored in the game to scratch every itch - so here are all of the best ones to check out if you don't want to live things up to random chance.

What are the best seeds in Minecraft?

Here's a rundown of all the seeds we've compiled in this article if want to get right to trying them all out yourself in Minecraft.

Where relevant, you'll see both 'Seed' and 'Coordinates' listed for some entries so you can get to the good stuff nice and easily:

Ain't No Mountain High Enough -6959380534049454472 
Beautiful View 883950225
Buried Treasure  Seed: 2123212974 | Coordinates: 2095 67 -108 
Cherry Grove Ring Seed: 1691256543523180978 | Coordinates: 11,980 1400
Desert Mountains Seed: 1337863062705921151
Fortified Island Seed: 816802188 | Coordinates: -54 162 -33
Ice World -6909477426377259322
Icy Mountain 1947644297
Island Tower Seed: -6537256334104833826 | Coordinates: -416 128 0
Mountain House 1075740073935366365
Tiny Island -9142863513851137753
Welcome, Neighbour 6630997395534342573
Wooded & Underground Oasis -198600772450851689
Woodland Mansion Seed: 844424960210770 | Coordinates: 16 -3

For a more thorough breakdown of what you can find in each of the above seeds, keep scrolling. Sometimes, seeds may not appear exactly as they're intended because of their age, so that's something to consider depending on which particular patch you're playing on.

Don't worry, though, we've checked these all out in-game and they're all fantastic options.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

A mountain in one of the best Minecraft seeds
Click to enlarge

Seed: -6959380534049454472

If you’re ready to settle down and start building your dream, blocky abode, then you’re probably going to want to look for a seed that's perfect for building. After all, not all terrains are suitable for building a lavish pad.

This particular seed is a great option because there's a lovely, picturesque valley that sits underneath a tall mountain that stretches into the clouds. There are plenty of resources at the base of the mountain, too, and lots of areas to explore around it if you're in the mind for some adventure.

Even better, if you want to make your new home stand out, you can make some Terracotta to add a bit of colour, and since the mountain is so tall, it'll be pretty easy to find your way back home if you get turned around.

Beautiful View

A Valley in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: 883950225

This seed made our list as one of the best of the best in Minecraft simply because it’s such a beautiful view - I mean, just look at it!

Views aside though, there are a variety of different biomes here with plenty of resources both above and below ground to get you started.

In a matter of minutes, you can cross through three or four different biomes, uncovering lots of valuable resources as you go.

Buried Treasure

A shipwreck underwater in one of the best Minecraft seeds
Click to enlarge

Seed: 2123212974

Coordinates: 2095 67 -108

Underwater the sea, treasure often goes undiscovered in Minecraft because it’s not somewhere you’d really think to look. However, in this seed, there’s a sunken ship chock full of buried treasures to have you heckling 'shiver me timbers' in no time (not while underwater, of course, that would be a bad idea).

There’s a total of three chests in the ship, and if you check the chest underneath the main deck, you’ll find loads of Iron Ingot, Emeralds, and Gold. That’ll be a nice way to start off your journey in this new world as you make your way back to shore with a bag of loot in tow.

Cherry Grove Ring

Cherry Grove biome in one of the best Minecraft seeds
Click to enlarge

Seed: 1691256543523180978

Coordinates: 12037 109 1383

One of the more captivating sights I've seen in Minecraft is due to this particularly breathtaking seed here, allowing you to find a ring-shaped mountain topped with a Cherry Grove and a lake in the middle.

It's a great location for a home base, and should inspire several ideas considering the plentiful number of resources nearby.

Desert Mountains

A desert mountain in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: 1337863062705921151

For players who are looking for a little bit of a challenge but don't want to start things off too difficult, this is a great option.

Not only is it a beautiful area with colourful deserts to explore, but there are also plenty of secrets to uncover. There aren’t many trees around, so you’ll have to get creative when you’re first starting out.

Be careful when you spawn in, because you'll be plopped on a singular tile on a cliff with a pretty big drop below you - so you may need to do a bit of initial digging to get down (but those views are SO worth it).

Fortified Island

A huge cliff island in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: 816802188

Coordinates: -54 162 -33

If simply surviving is your goal, then this is one of the best Minecraft seeds for that purpose entirely. As you can see in the image above, this is a fortified island that’s far enough off the land that nothing will bother you - but close enough that you can easily venture out if needed.

With it being isolated, this is the perfect spot to set up your home base. There are plenty of resources here and since it’s not that big, you’ll know the space like the back of your hand. To check it out, simply visit the coordinates above once you've loaded into the seed.

Ice World

A snowy, icy seed in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: -6909477426377259322

If you’re tired of a green, luscious view, why not trade it for a colder, icy oasis? This is one of the best seeds for those who are looking for something different.

It's worth being said that there aren’t many materials to work with, here, though, and there are only a few patches of green grass and trees spread out across the world. So, get your snowshoes on and get ready to explore!

Icy Mountain

An Icy mountain in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: 1947644297

Another sight to behold is this massive ice mountain. Nestled right in a mountain, it’s located right off to the left-hand side of your spawn point and is a great place to hide out.

As you can see, the cave area is pretty open, almost as if the space has been carved out, and you could easily fit a nice-sized house inside. Plus, the mountain is so tall, that it’ll be easy to spot when you’re out and about searching through the world.

Island Tower

An Island tower, one of the best seeds in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: -6537256334104833826

Coordinates: -416 128 0

If the previous option isn’t exciting enough for you, check out this island tower. Just west of the initial spawn, you’ll find this plopped in the middle of the water all by itself.

There are plenty of resources around it, including a village on top, making it a defensive, great starting point to build your dream house, complete with a waterfront view.

Mountain House

A home in a mountain in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: 1075740073935366365

There’s a lot more to this seed than it seems, as it's located in a very mountainous terrain with tons of materials to help you get started.

If you don’t have a lot of house ideas, this seed has a home (and an absolutely enormous one, at that) built right into the side of the mountain - so you don’t have to spend time building your own.

Even better, on the other side of the house, there’s a vast system of caves that’s perfect for explorers who don’t want to stray too far from their own backyard.

Tiny Island

A tiny island, one of the best Minecraft seeds
Click to enlarge

Seed: -9142863513851137753

This is one of the hardest Minecraft seeds in general, simply because there are not many materials to work with on land. You spawn on a small island surrounded by water and not much else. It's giving Survivor, and it'll certainly test your mettle.

However, not all hope is lost though, because there is a shipwreck not too far away that’ll give you some of the valuable resources you’ll need to get your game started.

Welcome, Neighbour

A village in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: 6630997395534342573

Community living is the best, and it’s even better when it’s already been built for you. When using this particular seed, there are plenty of structures to explore and people to meet.

Before you wander into someone’s home though, be sure to understand all of the Minecraft villager jobs so you know what to expect. After all, a little hospitality goes a long way when you’re the new guy in the neighbourhood.

Wooded & Underground Oasis

A wooded lake in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: -198600772450851689

This seed has an abundance of materials that will make your early game playthrough easier than others.

However, there’s more than meets the eye with this seed, as there’s also a large underground area that can be explored and mined for a variety of valuable materials. Who knows, maybe you might even come across the Warden.

Woodland Mansion

A wooden mansion in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

Seed: 844424960210770

Coordinates: 16 -3

How about starting up your new save with immediate access to a pre-built mansion in the woods? This seed gives you the quick protection you need in Survival mode, while also putting you right next to all the resources you need.

The surrounding woodlands also house a deep cave, allowing you to start your mining for key metals.

How to enter a Minecraft seed

Image of the menu where you enter a seed in Minecraft
Click to enlarge

If you're new to the blocky world of Minecraft and are unsure of the process to load up one of these Seeds, you'll actually still have to make a new world. To do so, all you've got to do is:

  • Once in-game, select Singleplayer and in the menu that pops up, tap 'Create New World'
  • On the next screen, press 'World' and there'll be a box that says 'Seed for the world generator'
  • Enter your desired seed number in there
  • Adjust any of the other options that you want
  • Click 'Create New World' and after a certain amount of time, the world will appear before your very eyes - as if by pixelated magic

And with that, you're off! If you're using one of the seeds above, make sure to check if any have coordinates listed so you can head to that specific spot in the world.

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Now that you've spawned a fun seed to explore, head on over to our homepage for Minecraft, where you'll find details on how to defeat the Breeze. Alternatively, check out the best games on Nintendo Switch for kids!

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