Is Armored Core 6 multiplayer or co-op? PvP NEST mode explained

Is Armored Core 6 multiplayer or co-op? PvP NEST mode explained
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25th Aug 2023 16:49

If you're a mech lover and want to find out if you can team up with a friend in Armored Core 6 for co-op or PvP play, our explainer on AC6 and all things multiplayer has all you need to know.

Few things are as exciting as flying around in a mech, destroying enemies left right and centre with an assortment of weapons, but imagine doing all that with a pal - or even testing your metal against some other players by taking your mech online.

In the past, multiplayer and co-op have featured heavily FromSoftware’s games. In Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne, you can summon people in to help you with bosses in a pinch or hop into its popular PvP modes.

So, let’s take a look at whether the sixth entry of the Armored Core 6 series features multiplayer, PvP, or co-op capabilities. 

Does Armored Core 6 have multiplayer or co-op? 

mechs fighting in Armored Core 6
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While Armored Core 6 does indeed have an online multiplayer mode, it is PvP-based - akin to what we have seen previously in the series. In this mode, known as NEST, you will be able to customise your mech how you want it before strapping in to try and take on other players.

This was previously confirmed in an exclusive interview IGN had with the studio's president, Hidetaka Miyazaki. There, he also confirmed that the game will not feature any co-op during the story, so you will have to go it alone.

While some may find it a shame that we won't be able to team up in co-op play to take on the many difficult bosses of Armored Core 6 (we're looking at you, Balteus), at least we will be able to take our mechs online to show them off against other players in multiplayer PvP. 

How to unlock PvP in Armored Core 6

screenshot showing that a player has unlocked the PvP NEST multiplayer mode in Amored Core 6
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To unlock the option to play Armored Core 6's PvP mode, you'll need to reach the Ocean Crossing mission in Chapter 2. This is the final mission of the chapter, so you'll need to play through a decent amount of AC6's story prior to unlocking NEST.

You'll know you're at the right point in the story when you're faced with needing to defeat Armored Core 6's Sea Spider boss and after you've seen the prompt in the above image show up on your screen.

screenshot showing how to access PvP multiplayer in Armored Core 6
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Next, follow these steps to access NEST PvP in-game:

  • From the main menu, select the NEST option, which will have an '!' icon next to it if you've never launched it before
  • You'll then be able to create your own room with customised settings
  • If that's not what you're looking for, you can instead search for a room of your choice

And that's it - you'll now be able to dive into Armored Core 6's multiplayer PVP mode. For more on all things AC6, check out our Armored Core homepage, or find out how to defeat Armored Core 6's first boss, the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter.

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