Apex Legends - What Is A Good KD?

Apex Legends - What Is A Good KD?

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Katie Memmott


4th May 2021 15:30

For those who pride themselves on having boast-worthy stats, a good kill/death ratio in the game of their choice is very important. Apex Legends is one of those games; where KD is a badge of honour for some players, leaving those with slightly lesser numbers wondering - what is a good KD ratio in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Average Kill Death Ratio 

An important statistic for some, the average KD ratio in Apex Legends is a handy metric to know, allowing you to track your progress and compare yourself to your Apex peers. 

The answer for the average KD is roughly 1 - meaning for every time you die, you also have to achieve an elimination. However, that may just be the mathematical average of all KDs combined, with the real number being somewhere between 0.5 and 1.

What is a good KD ratio in Apex Legends
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What is a good KD ratio in Apex Legends?

Making a positive impact on your KD ratio in Apex Legends can seem daunting, as to raise it, you will need to consistently kill multiple people each match before you die (or not, as the case may be).

This can average out over time to actually begin raising your KD ratio, for example, if you die first in a match with no kills, but in the next game eliminate five players and win, that will slowly start to raise the number.

How To See Your Apex Legends KD

In the Lobby screen of Apex Legends, click on "View Stats" next to your player name, and your overall KD will be visible. There is also a drop-down menu, showing you different KDs for seasons and Ranked seasons.

If you're above 1, then you can consider yourself above average in KD ratio. Don't get caught up in the numbers game, though, as the ultimate goal of any Apex Legends match is to become the Champion and be the last squad standing, and eliminations aren't everything.


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