How to taunt in AEW: Fight Forever - Special moves & momentum meter

How to taunt in AEW: Fight Forever - Special moves & momentum meter
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Jack Roberts


29th Jun 2023 16:11

Taunting in AEW: Fight Forever is an essential part of the fighting experience since it ties heavily into your special moves. Taunting isn’t just a way of flexing your ego in the ring, it can also help you in your matches.

Here, we’ll be going over everything you need to taunt in the game, and the benefits of doing so – so read on.

What does taunting do in AEW: Fight Forever?

orange Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets in AEW: Fight Forever
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In AEW: Fight Forever, taunting allows you to use a Special Move when your Momentum Meter is full. As well as kicking your opponents while they’re down (sometimes literally) and rubbing your victory in their faces, taunting has a function that can tip the balance of a match in your favour.

These Special Attacks are more powerful than your wrestler’s signature move and reference their real-world counterparts. They can do some serious damage, so be sure to taunt your heart’s content before they bring you down.

In the case of someone like Orange Cassidy, who is renowned for fighting with his hands in his pockets, it can change his move set dramatically and present a whole new fighting style.

How to taunt in AEW: Fight Forever

Kenny Omega uses his taunt in AEW: Fight Forever
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To taunt in AEW: Fight Forever, you just need to click down on the Right Stick on your respective controller.

If you do so before the Momentum Meter is full, you’ll perform the taunt and nothing more. However, if you do so when the meter is full, you will be able to use a Special Attack.

That’s everything you need to get you taunting in AEW: Fight Forever. If you’re looking for more ways to play, check out the AEW: Fight Forever minigames and enjoy their chaos.

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