AEW: Fight Forever minigames – Chip Gather, Penta Says & more

AEW: Fight Forever minigames – Chip Gather, Penta Says & more
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29th Jun 2023 15:51


In addition to the traditional fights and unique modes, AEW: Fight Forever also features an assortment of minigames that can be played with other players or a CPU. These minigames don’t offer traditional fights and instead present unique scenarios to play and earn points.

Here, we’ll be breaking down the three minigames that are immediately available in the game and how you can make the most of them to earn some precious points and become the champion among your friends.

What is Chip Gather in AEW: Fight Forever?

The Chip Gather Minigame from AEW: Fight Forever
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Chip Gather, in AEW Fight Forever, pits four wrestlers against each other to grab as many of the falling poker chips as possible. The wrestler with the most chips by the time the clock runs down wins.

However, in addition to the poker chips, bombs also fall from above. The bombs will momentarily incapacitate anyone they hit and lose their precious chip collecting time. So, be sure to avoid those at all costs.

There are three types of chips to collect:

  • Standard chips - Worth 1 point
  • Flashing chips - Worth 3 points and grant a brief speed boost
  • Dark Chips – Worth 1 point and will temporarily slow you down

You’ll be fighting your opponents for control of the chips, so be sure to watch out for their attacks as well.

What is AEW Pop Quiz in AEW: Fight Forever?

AEW Pop Quiz in AEW: Fight Forever
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AEW Pop Quiz will have you testing your All Elite Wrestling knowledge. The Player who answers the question correctly first will earn more points.

The quiz runs for three questions. The player with the most points once the questions are over wins.

The questions are multiple-choice and will require players to lock in their answers with the Square, Triangle, X or Circle buttons. So, be sure to brush up on your AEW knowledge before you select this mode.

What is Penta Says in AEW: Fight Forever?

The Penta Says minigame from AEW Fight Forever
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Penta Says is a memory game based on Simon Says in AEW: Fight Forever. In this case, you’re going to be competing against other wrestlers to replicate the poses that Penta is making.

However, you will need to press the correct input in time with the music. The player who hit the buttons most accurately over the three rounds wins.

And they're the minigames you can get stuck into in AEW: Fight Forever, for when you need a break from the mayhem of the ring.

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