How to make a custom wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever – Profiles, attire, entrance scenes & more

How to make a custom wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever – Profiles, attire, entrance scenes & more
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30th Jun 2023 10:35


If you’re going to make a custom wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever, knowing what you have to work with will come in handy. There is an abundance of character customisation options to develop your would-be-champion from the ground up.

Here, we’ll be going over where to find the customisation options in the game, as well as some of the different options available to you, from ring attire to entrances – so read on.

How to make a custom wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever

MJF in AEW Fight Forever
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To make a custom wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever, need to head to the Custom option in the main menu.

This will be at the top of the screen where you can choose various game options. By pressing the R2 button (on PlayStation) you’ll be able to scroll through the Exhibition, Online and Road to Elite modes to get to the Custom tab and begin your creations.

Character creation options in AEW: Fight Forever

The Entrance Scene menu in AEW: Fight Forever
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There are several options available to you to start customising your character in AEW: Fight Forever. You can use original assets or some of those used by the iconic wrestlers themselves.


This section allows you to build up the overall profile and physical characteristics of your wrestler.

Along with their name, date of birth and announcement name, you can also customise their body type, weight class, facial features and body characteristics.

Additionally, you can change how the audience receives you during your entrance here. So, if you want them to cheer or boo you (if you wanted to play the villain) it can all be done in this section.

Ring Attire

This section allows you to customise what your wrestler will be wearing during their matches.

These are organised by Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body, should you wish to wear a full-body suit. However, if you’ve ever wanted some heavy chains or M.J.F.’s notorious scarf around your neck, then this is the option for you.

Entrance Attire

Similarly, if you wanted to enter the ring in a different outfit, this section has a selection of extra accessories and adornments you can wear as you dance, jump, or march your way to the ring.

Street Clothes

In some places, you’ll be out and about as a free wrestler. But, you’ve got to pick something to wear for that. In come the Street Clothes.

Gone are the gaudy outfits to be replaced with your typical casualwear. But it won’t be long before you’re tearing it off and running toward an opponent, so don’t get too attached to it.


By setting custom moves, you’ll be able to decide what your wrestler can do in the ring. If you want them to be kick-oriented, or a grappler, the choice is yours.

Entrance Scene

Perhaps the most exciting part of the character creator. Here, you can create your entrance animations.

With this section, you can dance your way to the ring, perform some stretches, or even use some of the more recognisable taunts at the start of the match, like Dr Britt Baker’s D.M.D. point.

Remember, the crowd is watching, so be sure to put on a show for them.

That’s everything you need to get started creating characters in AEW: Fight Forever. If you need more ways to play, check out all the minigames the game has on offer.

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