Is AEW Fight Forever on Xbox Game Pass on console, PC or Cloud?

Is AEW Fight Forever on Xbox Game Pass on console, PC or Cloud?
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28th Jun 2023 11:31

Is AEW Fight Forever on Xbox Game Pass? AEW Fight Forever is nearly here, but as always with new releases, there is an important question to ask.

Is the game on Xbox or PC Game Pass, or are we going to have to fork out hard cash for it? Here is everything you need to know about if AEW Fight Forever is on Xbox Game Pass.

AEW Fight Forever Xbox Game Pass

Four players in a spotlight mini game in AEW Fight Forever
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Unfortunately, AEW Fight Forever is currently not set to be available on Xbox Game Pass. The game is available on Xbox consoles, but Xbox players are going to have to purchase the game if they wish to play it.

There is every possibility that the game will appear in the Xbox Game Pass library in the future, but when that might be is impossible to say right now. There are many sports and fighting game titles on Xbox Game Pass, so it is not unlikely that AEW Fight Forever will make an appearance there eventually.

AEW Fight Forever Xbox Game Pass for PC

MJF cowering before Jade Cargill in AEW Fight Forever
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The news is no better for PC Game Pass subscribers, as the game is not included in that subscription either. AEW Fight Forever is indeed available on PC, but only through Steam.

Like the consoles, there is no way to say one way or another if the game will make its way to PC Game Pass, so only time will tell. If the game ever does make the jump to Game Pass, we will be back here to update this guide.

That is everything we have on AEW Fight Forever and its potential appearances on Game Pass. For more on the game, check out our AEW Fight Forever homepage, and for everything else stick with GGRecon.

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