One Call of Duty streamer has had his heart ripped out after his six-hour Zombies world record attempt was destroyed by a server crash.

11:09, 20 Nov 2020

Treyarch is back in action with Call of Duty and has rolled out the rotten carpet with the long-awaited return of Zombies for Black Ops Cold War. Although there's plenty of content to claw through in the main CoD campaign and its multiplayer, it's Zombies that seems to be getting the most attention right now.

The latest chapter will continue the "Aether" storyline that seemingly concluded in Black Ops 4 and bring back the beloved "Die Maschine" map. Round after round of ravenous zombies have been munching their way through unwilling players, and so far, no one has reached the elusive 256th round.

Round 256 is when the game officially stops counting and you can exfiltrate safely. It was the goal of streamer NoahJ456 to be the first hit this milestone, however, gremlins in the system ruined his world record attempt. 


Zombies World Record Attempt: What happened?

Posting on a jam-packed YouTube stream, Noah indulged in an epic six-hour stream that saw him climb the ranks to Round 208. He was well on track to smash the record and had everyone watching with bated breath. Just after someone in the chat spoke about losing a game of Zombies to server issues, Noah's screen went black and popped up with an ominous server error message reading "Zebra 112 Vicious Stallion". 


You can literally see the moment Noah's heart ripped in half after the glitch sent his screen black. As the comments section filled with condolences of "RIP" and "Nooooo", Noah said, "You have got to actually be kidding me right now. kidding me?". Noah then sat and clearly mulled over his life decisions. You can't help but feel for the guy.

Despite Black Ops Cold War living up to its own hype of being the biggest CoD game ever, that hasn't stopped glitches marring what's a usually solid experience. Some have benefitted players - like the ability to jump on the Pack-a-Punch machine to avoid zombies - however, most are screwing up everyone's fun. As well as problems with crossplay connections, there's a leaderboard glitch making the game crash. 

Noah seemed to have it made with six perks equipped and an arsenal that could take on even the biggest horde of brain-hungry munchers. Even though the record was within touching distance, there's no accounting for server issues. What makes it even worse is the fact Noah has been completely focussing his efforts on playing Zombies and hasn't even touched Multiplayer or Campaign modes. All that hard work...buried like one of those Nazi zombies. 


While having your game of Zombies crash is annoying enough, just imagine the horror of it happening nearly six hours into a world record attempt. I'm not sure I'd be trying it again any time soon if I was him. Oh well Noah, better luck next time. 



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