As Treyarch makes the most of Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, players have discovered a glitch where they're invincible to harm.

17:14, 16 Nov 2020

By now, you've probably suited up and hopped into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for a round of Zombies. The fan-favourite story seemingly concluded in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but now, we're back to find out what happens next.

Dropping into the deadly "Die Maschine" map sends operators into an abandoned Nazi facility in Poland. Here, undead monsters will be sent your way as you have to survive wave after wave of decomposing enemies. One of the best returning features for "Die Maschine" is the Pack-a-Punch Machine that will help you upgrade weapons and give you an edge over the undead. However, it turns out the handy appliance has another hidden perk - albeit an accidental one. 


Where is the Die Maschine glitch?


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Shared by TikTok user Stark London, they showed off the exact moment you can climb above the hordes of brain-hungry Call of Duty munchers and remain invulnerable from attack. From this secure vantage point, you can simply stand there and snipe your way to victory with some serious XP. When the portal opens up, you should be able to climb on top of the Pack-a-Punch machine and lord it over those zombie masses. 

While this might look like the perfect spot to camp down and wait out a few rounds, remember you'll need a stash of ammo to make the most of it. Once your arsenal runs out of bullets, you'll be trapped on top of the Pack-a-Punch machine with no ammo and a slobbering mob of zombies surrounding you. Still, it's a convenient hidey-hole and great to know it's there to escape the melee if you need a breather. By the looks of the glitch though, it can only be replicated at the moment the portal opens. 

Tricking Zombies is nothing new, while some people will argue the exploit is no different to training zombies in circles or leaving one ravenous shuffler alive at the end of a round. Still, it's something wrong in the actual design of the level rather than a player's tactics. With this in mind, expect developers to try and patch it out. It's certain to be more than just a simple fix, so why not make the most of this secret safe zone while you can? 




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