You Can Buy The Most Iconic Star Wars Game For $1 Right Now

You Can Buy The Most Iconic Star Wars Game For $1 Right Now
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12th Sep 2022 09:56

Star Wars video games have forged a whole new reputation, completely separate from the film and TV instalments of the property. Of course, the draw of having fun in a galaxy far, far away is still there and incredibly important, but the new mythologies that the video game titles have created have come to exemplify what makes Star Wars so special.

Rogue Squadron, Jedi: Fallen Order and even The Force Unleashed created incredible new stories that showed just what was possible in the Star Wars mythos in an interactive environment, and many players have found that the video games have created their favourite additions to the long-standing and far-reaching lore of the franchise.

But, one game stands out above the rest - and right now, you can pick it up for only a dollar, as spotted by ComicBook

Knights Of The Old Republic Is Only $1 Right Now

You Can Buy The Most Iconic Star Wars Game For $1 Right Now
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One of the most iconic and critically beloved Star Wars games ever, the original edition of Knights of the Old Republic, has just been introduced on Humble with an incredible deal.

You can bag a PC version of the game, ran through Steam, on the Humble site right now for only a dollar, with no strings attached.

It's a great deal alone, but as a part of the Starlight Bundle, it isn't alone in being an amazing price. If you buy the full bundle of games for only £8.53, you'll be getting 17 titles including The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Day of the Tentacle Remastered and more.

Plus, the bundle offers a four-game version featuring KOTOR, Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy, Full Throttle Remastered and Aliens vs. Predator for only 85p. Blimey.

What's New For Knights Of The Old Republic's Remake?

Of course, many fans might be reluctant to pick the game up here as the game is set to get a remake - but some are growing pretty nervous, as the new approach to the classic game has recently changed hands completely.

Embracer Group has moved to take the remake from Aspyr after they were shown a demo of the game in progress, and has given the responsibility to Saber Interactive to tidy up.

It's a concerning turn of events, but it's possible that a good remake could come of it. Or, if you're nervous, you might as well pick up the original game for next to nothing, right?

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