You Can Bag A Brilliant Star Wars Game For Free This Week

You Can Bag A Brilliant Star Wars Game For Free This Week
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Joseph Kime


25th Nov 2022 13:21

Star Wars games have been a little quiet recently, and it's a shame - because there's so much good to discover in the galaxy far, far away.

With Jedi: Survivor predicted to make its debut early next year, perhaps introducing a new wave of Star Wars titles, but for now, we're resigned to return to the classic games, and much like Mos Eisley's bustling cantina, there's a lot of variety to explore.

And, luckily for us, this week is offering a modern Star Wars game that was forgotten too soon to download and keep for free.

Star Wars Squadrons Is Free To Download And Keep (For A Week)

You Can Bag A Brilliant Star Wars Game For Free This Week
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God bless Epic Games and their free games.

The Fortnite team has come through again with another incredible deal that makes you wonder how they can afford to give away games for free like this. The sorely underrated Star Wars Squadrons, the 2020 intergalactic flight game that put you in the cockpit of swathes of Star Wars ships for dogfights galore, is currently free to download and keep on the Epic Games store.

The game is fantastic fun and wasn't nearly loved as much as it should have been at launch. Plus, as it's down from its £34.99 RRP, there's truly no excuse now. If you've got a PC, and especially if you also have a VR headset, do yourself a favour and take the game for a spin.

How Can I Download Star Wars Squadrons For Free?

Actually downloading the game is incredibly simple - all you have to do to be eligible for the free game is to have an Epic Games account, and if you've played Fortnite before (let's face it, you have) then you're already good to go.

Navigate to the Epic Games store, and either click on the big ads for the game or navigate to it in search, and you'll see it's all yours. The deal only lasts until December 1, though, so make sure you hustle for it.

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