xQc Accused Of Sending 'Hate Raids' To Nate Hill During Game Awards

xQc Accused Of Sending 'Hate Raids' To Nate Hill During Game Awards
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Emma Hill


14th Dec 2021 15:40

Fortnite player and FaZe Clan member Nate Hill was met with a wave of hate while doing an advertisement at the Game Awards. However, he claims that this wasn't the work of any old trolls, but rather an "army" of "scum human beings" sent by Twitch streamer xQc. 

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is one of the most-watched Twitch streamers around, but he's no stranger to drama. Some of his explosive rants have landed the streamer in hot water in the past, whether that's against his fellows like Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa or even his "f*cking useless" fans. 

Now, streamer Nate Hill has gone as far to accuse xQc of sending and encouraging his followers to spam him with hate during an advertisement at the 2021 Game Awards. However, xQc has categorically denied the accusations and has a fair bit of evidence to support himself.

What Did Nate Hill Accuse xQc Of Doing?

FaZe Clan's Nate Hill appeared with basketball player Aerial Powers multiple times during the 2021 Game Awards to advertise Horizon 5G. If you thought the Fortnite player looked a little bit distracted during the clips, well Hill explained that while filming the ad, his channel was met with a wave of harassment from trolls. However, following on from the Game Awards, Hill went on to claim that the trolls' appearance was no accident.

He then went onto claim that xQc was the one to blame and that he had sent "his army of 100,000 scum human beings over to my stream while I'm working and f*cking spam "we hate you", "f*cking kill yourself" and I just have to keep smiling and pretend it's not happening when I just want to punch the guy in the nose". Hill finished the rant by calling xQc a "f*cking dweep". The clip quickly went viral and fans flocked to examine the footage from the Game Awards and see what exactly xQc had said to rattle up his fans. 

At the time, xQc was hosting a live react stream to the Game Awards. However, fans investigating Hill's claims were confused to see that xQc didn't appear to do anything to spur on his "army". One fan on Reddit claimed: "At least one million people were watching this event, and xQc didn't even say a word when this guy appeared on screen. Wtf is he talking about? lmao." Another fan said: "Lmao he literally didn't even react at all. But he sent the juicers just through telepathy, I guess."

xQc Reacts To Nate Hill's 'Hate Raid' Accusations 

As Hill's clip began to build up momentum, the accusations were drawn to the attention of xQc himself who shared his own reaction to Hill's accusations. In a stream, xQc claimed: "I’m sorry the experience was a disaster because of the influx of viewers [...] That said, I’m not sorry for my actions, because I didn’t do anything." He acknowledged the influence that he can have over his fanbase but asserted: "It has nothing to do with me."

At first, xQc questioned whether he had too much to drink, as he didn't remember encouraging his followers to harass Hill. Luckily, xQc was hosting a live stream react video of the Game Awards at the time, which included the time when Hill was doing the Horizon 5G ads. However, as xQc was re-watching his reaction to his own stream, he found that he didn't appear to say anything to spur any kind of hate. Immediately following Hill's ads during the awards, xQc appeared to be sitting silently as he claimed he was talking to his agent about organising his own ad campaign. 

So far, the evidence appears to be swaying in xQc's favour thanks to the fact that his reaction was captured in its entirety on his stream and did not appear to incite any hate towards Hill in any way. As of writing, Hill has not issued an apology to xQc or made any further comment about the accusations. However, just exactly why Hill thinks xQc is to blame for the harassment is yet to be revealed. 


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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