XDefiant players beg for ‘arachnophobia mode’ to combat most-annoying factions

XDefiant players beg for ‘arachnophobia mode’ to combat most-annoying factions
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Jack Marsh


5th Jun 2024 11:40

As more players begin to master XDefiant, the grindable Faction known as Dedsec is quickly becoming more popular.

The Faction wasn't among the four founding fathers in Cleaners, Echelon, Libertad, and Phantoms, but came as the first unlockable characters, requiring quite a significant XP grind to get them. 

Now, most players have gotten their hands on the gadget-heavy Faction, and they're causing so much mayhem that XDefiant players are begging the developers for an arachnophobia mode.

XDefiant players want arachnophobia modes to counter Dedsec's Spiderbot


Dedsec's Spiderbot is born from Watch Dogs: Legion where a mechanical eight-legged creature has now found its way to XDefiant as an ability that jumps at enemies, rendering them useless until it's destroyed. 

However, those who have a legitimate phobia of spiders are calling for an arachnophobia mode to prevent the spiders from flashing up in players' faces.

Apex Legends and Fnatic streamer "xLegendaryDollx" has now called on Ubisoft to change the spider and create a different stun effect, saying "My heart can’t take this & I just want to enjoy the game with my friends."

Despite being the most-feared ability in the game at the moment, the Spiderbot could be taken out of the game in favour of a tazer-like device that can still have the same effects without the creepiness of an eight-legged black widow.

Arachnophobia mode is quite a popular accessibility feature, having been previously added to games such as Hogwarts Legacy, Lethal Company, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Grounded.

XDefiant devs love the 'troll' Dedsec Spiderbot

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If you had hopes of a character nerf, though, you might be left pretty disappointed. Ubisoft's Mark Rubin appears to be loving the outrage, marvelling at its 'trolling' nature.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the XDefiant creator laughed off notions that the bot needed removing, jibing "Job's done" at one player's complaints and adding "he gets it" when being called a troll.

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XDefiant Nerfs could still be on the way when Season 1 rolls around, but given the power of other Factions and more on the way, the Dedsec Faction isn't completely taking over the game and rather makes for quite a balanced offensive character.

Jack Marsh
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