XDefiant’s upcoming crossovers could include Assassins Creed and, er, Rabbids

XDefiant’s upcoming crossovers could include Assassins Creed and, er, Rabbids

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Lloyd Coombes


3rd Jun 2024 10:35

XDefiant is off to a promising start in its quest to challenge Call of Duty for FPS supremacy. While it'll undoubtedly need time (Call of Duty has a decades-long headstart, of course), we really like what's there already.

As with any modern title, though, it's all about what comes next, and Ubisoft's shooter has plenty of franchises to pull from - some more conventional than others.

XDefiant could get Rabbids crossover

Over on X (formerly Twitter), an account called Rogue | Tx has been diving deep into XDefiant for days (thanks, Kotaku). And, while the account suggests they're going to hold off on spoiling anything further, there are plenty more Ubisoft crossovers to come.

According to the account, players can expect The Crew, Far Cry: New Dawn, Assassin's Creed and even the Rabbids to make an appearance in coming updates.

While some of those undeniably make sense (I can definitely see Brotherhood and Templar factions joining the fray), I'm curious about how Ubisoft will work in any characters based on The Crew - a game that doesn't have a great number of recognisable characters outside of, well, cars, and that unless I'm missing some sort of secret mission, doesn't feature any violence or gunfights.

The Rabbids could open a can of worms, too - Call of Duty has been accused of going too cutesy with some of its animal-themed cosmetics, and while hooded assassins may not break the level of immersion too much if we see the Rabbids running around that might put off those looking for "Mil-Sim" levels of authenticity.

Still, you're lying if you said you haven't thought about sniping them when they kept appearing in adverts not that long ago.

Elsewhere, the Rogue | Tx account suggests Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Operators will arrive in the first year, as well as GSG9 from Rainbow Six Siege. The latter would be of note since they're a real-life German counterterrorism group. I for one can't wait to see them take on the Rabbids and the Crew's Corvette carrying an assault rifle.

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