Ahead of its launch in November, some fans have been able to get their hands on the Xbox Series X.

10:00, 17 Oct 2020

The entire gaming community is eagerly anticipating the next-generation consoles. Whether you're purchasing them or not, fans all over the globe are itching for a peak at the advanced mechanics and layout of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 

With both consoles set to launch in November, Microsoft has seemingly let some consoles slip into the hands of purchasers early, and some lucky fans have got busy unboxing them.

Reddit user "u/thejasonng" has posted a picture on to the platform which shows crates full of the Xbox Series X awaiting distribution, although the supplier has not been named.

Xbox Series X consoles ready to go from r/XboxSeriesX

Despite being delayed to 2021 due to the global pandemic, Halo Infinite's prestigious protagonist "Master Chief" can be seen pictured on the box with the quote "Power Your Dreams". Many comments joked at one box could be mysteriously lost and subsequently found plugged into the users flatscreen, although the user remained forthright. 

Another gamer was luckier though.

Twitter user "@Nibellion" captured a still image from a video that was uploaded to YouTube which saw a person unbox the next-gen console, showing off the neatly wrapped components. 

The video has now been listed as private and cannot be accessed by the public, although others have screen recorded the man remove the console from its packaging and even briefly showcase the controller which comes with it.

Whether the man in the video was able to access anything on his Xbox Series X is not known, with Microsoft likely having updates and software planned for the launch which cannot be downloaded early. However, at least he knows he won't be one of the unlucky customers who will receive their console late


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Image via Microsoft

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