Who are the best players still without a Call of Duty League team?

21:00, 29 Dec 2019

As the new year approaches, so does the start of the inaugural season for the Call of Duty League (CDL). Set to kick off January 24 in Minnesota, the 12 organizations seem to have their rosters and personnel spots filled. While an analyst or coach could still be added before launch day, the teams look set. However, there is an overwhelming amount of talent still without a spot on any CDL organization. Whether it be as a substitute or other role, a multitude of players are just waiting for a shot. So, who are the best remaining free agents CDL organizations should consider? 

1. John “Xotic” Bruno 

Most recently on Evil Geniuses, Xotic is by far the best remaining player on the free-agent market. Not only does he have recent success playing for a big organization, he’s done extremely well in Modern Warfare so far. 

It’s currently unknown why Xotic was passed up by CDL teams. Others, like OpTic Gaming substitute Martin “Chino” Chino, aren’t significantly better than Xotic. In fact, many in the community would say Xotic is a safer option than several current CDL substitutes. 

So far, Xotic has placed in the top 4 of every GameBattles NA 2000 Series. Playing with a wide variety of teammates, the Canadian-based professional is consistenly on the top of the leaderboard. 

If a CDL organization is looking for another substitute, it’s hard to find one more talented than Xotic. 

2. Matt “Royalty” Faithfull

Another Canadian, Royalty is another mystery in regards to why he isn’t on a roster. Turning in a great Black Ops 4 season, Royalty is known for his slaying capabilities with an Assault Rifle. 

Royalty and Xotic are in a similar boat; they both compete together in online 2000 Series tournaments and do fairly well. The two players have history as they were on Evil Geniuses for a time during Black Ops 4. 

However, Royalty was dropped midway through the season. There doesn’t appear to be a concrete reason why Royalty isn’t on a CDL team. He’s made himself available several times but hasn’t yet been contacted. 

3. Jared “Nagafen” Harrell 

Nagafen Gen.G

One of the most interesting cases, Nagafen seems to have been blacklisted by members of the Call of Duty community. There’s not a known reason for this, but it’s reported that teams are trying their best to not sign the former Gen.G player. 

Nagafen is famous for his Search and Destroy prowess, dominating matches with a Sniper Rifle. This was on full display in Black Ops 4, as he was an integral cog in Gen.G’s success. 

Although, not many feel the same way. Perhaps it’s Nagafen’s ineptitude in respawn game modes that are keeping CDL teams away from him. However, Nagafen would fill a Search and Destroy substitute role nicely. 

4. Maurice “Fero” Hernandez 

Unlike the previous members on this list, we know why Fero hasn’t been picked up. Apparently, an old clip of Fero surfaced where he made some derogatory comments, leading CDL teams to withdraw their interest. 

After this incident occurred, Fero took to Twitter and apologized for his immaturity, stating CDL teams no longer wanted to sign him. That still reigns true several months later, as he’s without a home and will compete in Path to Pro. 

Fero 100 Thieves

Though, Fero has enough talent in Search and Destroy alone to warrant a roster spot. Yes, the incident from his past is concerning, but many feel it’s time to give Fero another chance. After all, he has enough talent to land on high-profile teams like 100 Thieves and Team Envy in the past. 

That wraps up our list for the top talent still without a Call of Duty League team. 


Images via MLG.

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