There are two snipers in VALORANT, but which one is best to use? We analyse the Marshal vs Operator Sniper debate

20:00, 02 May 2020

There are six total weapon categories and 17 guns within VALORANT. This is fairly standard but Riot Games have confirmed that more weapons are coming at launch. Out of those 17 weapons, there are two Sniper Rifles, the Operator and Marshal, which may not seem like a big number. However, the two snipers in VALORANT are more than enough to completely shut down multiple lanes on any map. Here you can find our VALORANT tipslooking at both of the snipers in terms of statistics and overall gameplay, and judging which is the best VALORANT sniper rifle. 

The Marshal Sniper 

Starting off we have the Marshal, which costs 1,100 in-game dollars. As such, this weapon won’t deal a ton of damage, seeing as it’s one of the cheaper primary guns in VALORANT. However, if you’re accurate, you can certainly make the Marshal worth using. 

The semiautomatic rifle deals 85 damage to the leg, 101 to the body, and 202 to the head. So, while you can one-hit K.O. enemies, you’ll most likely be dealing median damage with one shot. This makes the Marshal a great weapon to use when the opposing team doesn’t have a ton of money and therefore can’t buy armour. For example, if you win the opening pistol round, the Marshal is a great pick for the next round. For the early rounds, the Marshal is the best sniper in VALORANT.


Most of the time though, the Marshal should only be used if you’re extremely accurate or if you don’t have many other options for weapons. Its base damage simply doesn’t make it worth it if you’re looking to eliminate enemies. 

The Operator Sniper 

We go from one of the cheapest weapons in VALORANT to the most expensive with the Operator. Appropriately nicknamed the “OP”, this sniper is one of the most dominant weapons in the game. It possesses tremendous damage output, high wall-penetration, and the ability to zoom in, which are all traits the Marshal doesn’t have. 

In terms of damage, the OP deals 127 to the leg, 150 to the body, and 255 to the head. With this kind of damage, there’s really no need to aim for the head specifically. Instead, you want to aim for the upper body since you can one-hit K.O. fully-armoured enemies. It’s because of this that the OP costs a whopping 4,500 in-game dollars. 


However, if you can hit your shots, it’s definitely a smart weapon to buy on either offence or defence. Offensively, you can clear a bombsite or hold a lane once the bomb has been planted, killing any enemy that comes near your crosshair. On the defensive side, the OP gives you the ability to hold a bombsite or go for an opening kill on any eager enemies. In the latter stages of the game, the Operator is the best VALORANT sniper.

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Image via Riot Games

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