VALORANT Clove abilities, cosmetics & how to unlock

VALORANT Clove abilities, cosmetics & how to unlock
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VALORANT's Agent roster continues to grow with the introduction of Clove, a Scottish Controller who makes mischief for enemies in the heat of battle to keep them guessing. 

The game has continued to grow since its mid-2020 launch, with Clove being the 25th Agent to join the line-up. The release date of Clove is only around the corner, so to prepare, you may want to learn more about their abilities and cosmetics. 

Clove release date

Clove on the VALORANT Agent Selection screen
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Clove arrived on March 26, 2024, and is unlockable right now. They're also unlocked via the Xbox Game Pass perks system.

All Clove abilities & how to use them

Clove smokes in VALORANT
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(E) Ruse - Equip to view the battlefield. Fire to set the locations where Clove's clouds will settle. Alt-Fire to confirm, launching clouds that block vision in the chosen areas. Clove can use this ability after death.

(Q) Meddle - Equip a fragment of immortality essence. Fire to throw the fragment, which erupts after a short delay and temporarily decays all targets caught inside.

(C) Pick-me-up - Instantly absorb the life force of a fallen enemy that Clove damaged or killed, gaining haste and temporary health.

(X/ULT) Not Dead Yet - After dying, Activate to resurrect. Once resurrected, Clove must earn a kill or damaging assist within a set time or they will die.

As a Controller, Clove's kit is good for setting the tempo of play. The E is great for blocking off sight lines to close down Spike sites, while Q can crowd control enemies to stop them from rushing. 

A unique aspect of their kit compared to most Controllers is how it facilitates aggressive play with the C and X abilities, meaning if you can hit your shots as well as support your team, you'll be a massive advantage in any game.

Clove cosmetics

the Flutter Ghost in VALORANT
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You can also earn a new set of sprays, player cards, titles, and more with the release of Clove. Just select their cosmetic track on the Agent screen to earn XP and get the following items:

  • Tier 1: Spray - Gloomheart
  • Tier 2: Player Card - VALORANT Clove
  • Tier 3: Title - Mischievous
  • Tier 4: Spray - Wee Punk
  • Tier 5: Kingdom Credits - 2000
  • Tier 6: Gun Buddy - Metal Wings
  • Tier 7: Spray - Clove Spray
  • Tier 8: Title - Undying
  • Tier 9: Player Card - Metamorphosis
  • Tier 10: Gun Skin - Flutter (Ghost)

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