Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Trailer Is A Secret Vanguard Teaser

Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Trailer Is A Secret Vanguard Teaser
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Joseph Kime


4th Aug 2021 11:35

The new trailer for Call of Duty: Warzone is a very, very, good one. Introducing a new operator and teasing the story, trajectory, and theme of the upcoming season, it’s done a good job of generating some big hype for the massive changes yet to land in the battle royale titan.

But apparently, it wasn’t just teasing Warzone Season 5. In fact, Raven Software's trailer also serves as a tease for the next mainline Call of Duty title - Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Warzone Trailer Teases Vanguard

Warzone Season 5 Trailer Contains Vaguard Tease
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The trailer offers great insight into the upcoming season of Warzone, but for many, it's the details lurking beneath the surface that are the real star of the show. It all implies that we’ll see more of the upcoming Call of Duty 2021, more commonly referred to as Vanguard, during this season.

Previous leaks have suggested that the game’s reveal will arrive as an in-game event, and it looks like a teaser buried in the final screen of the trailer is willing to confirm it.

The image sees new operator Kitsune, sat with two Tec-9 SMGs. The background is littered with numbers and Japanese text, and after a translation from Twitter user Eric Maynard, one line of text translates directly to “Vanguard Coming”.

Leaks have suggested that the new Call of Duty is set to be titled Vanguard and have a World War II theme, which now seems to be confirmed. Well, unless this text is designed to throw us off.

When Is The Warzone Vanguard Event Coming?

Warzone Season 5 Trailer Contains Vaguard Tease
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While there’s no confirmation as to when we’ll see hints to the new Call of Duty title, it’s expected that Season 5 is the vessel that will bring Vanguard to the world for the first time. Given the tease’s appearance in the trailer for the season, we can expect either something big to happen mid-way through the season. Alternatively, we’ll start seeing tiny hints appear from the very start of the season on August 12.

There’s already a lot of speculation as to what shape the in-game event will take, but given Vanguard’s WWII setting, it could be possible that we see a 1940’s version of Verdansk, or maybe even an entirely new map.

Only time will tell how Warzone integrates the new mainline title into it’s already packed gameplay, maps and aesthetics - but we’re definitely excited to find out what's roaring into battle.


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