Warzone’s Al Bagra Fortress Resurgence map branded an ‘insult’ to CoD

Warzone’s Al Bagra Fortress Resurgence map branded an ‘insult’ to CoD
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7th Sep 2023 15:04

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Reloaded (that's quite the mouthful) heralds a new era for Call of Duty as we come to the end of its current chapter. While most of us are looking ahead to the release of Modern Warfare 3 and its presumed Warzone overhaul, we've still got the rest of Season 5 AND Season 6 to shoot through.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded has brought the Armored Royale Mode, a Lara Croft Operator, 9mm Daemon Pistol, and more. Importantly, it will be the first time Warzone has hosted three playable Resurgence maps at once - with the new addition of the Al Bagra Fortress Resurgence map. 

Al Bagra Fortress Resurgence map slated by critic

Al Bagra is on a smaller scale than its bigger brother, and as the name suggests, revamps the Al Bagra Fortress POI from Al Mazrah. You might think it would be hard to get this wrong, but according to critics, this is exactly what the devs have done. Although the Al Bagra Fortress Resurgence map has only just gone live, it's being slated.

There were already grumbles that the supposed highlight of Season 5 Reloaded was held back until September 6, and even though Al Bagra is still in its infancy, it's hardly setting itself out as the next Rebirth Island. Among its biggest critics was pro player James "JGOD" Godoy, who called out that half the map's nautical aesthetic.

JGOD wasn't alone in his musings, as another added, "Literally an insult to release this at this point." Another grumbled, "This is utterly lazy not gonna lie. The asset is already there. How hard is it to make it it's own map?" Namely, there were complaints about pushing us into the game's divisive swimming mechanics. 

A third joked, "I mean, I used to use papers in college for multiple classes and even *I* put more work into making it different than this LMAO." Concluding what a lot of us are thinking, someone said, "If we even acknowledge it as a standalone map (which we shouldn’t) it is hands down the worst map in BR history."

Warzone called out for swimming mechanics

Call of Duty Al Bagra Fortress map
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Hitting the nail on the head, one player pointed to the water mechanics and chuckled, "'Please enjoy our water caustics, water combat, and water mechanics. We worked really hard on it please like it and tell your friends." - Infinity Ward.'"

It's common knowledge that water-based final circles are a point of contention, with pistols becoming OP here and many decrying underwater combat. Expect lots of this on Al Bagra Fortress, as well as continued complaints that we shouldn't be calling it a new map at all. 

MW3 is just over the horizon, but with it being a straight-up sequel to 2022's Modern Warfare 2, we're not sure what you can do in terms of revamping Warzone. We're sure the designers will think of some way to dust off an old map and package it as something brand-new.

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