Modern Warfare 3 campaign will force you to work for Makarov

Modern Warfare 3 campaign will force you to work for Makarov
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Jack Marsh


5th Sep 2023 16:08

Since the dawn of Call of Duty, it's always been about taking down the bad guys.

It's always been World Wars, or global threats, based on rivalries such as Price versus Makarov, Woods versus Menendez, or Mason versus, well, Mason, and the numbers.

But now, for the first time in Call of Duty history, you will be seeing conflicts through more than one set of glasses, as it appears you will be actively working for the "bad guys" in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 ratings indicate that you will swap allegiances in the campaign

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[Spoiler Alert] 

During the first mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, it appears that Makarov is breaking out of prison; the early reveal from Call of Duty at Gamescom revealed as much, as the menacing antagonist was first aired in the Gulag of Verdansk.

The reveal initially suggested that a team was attempting to thwart his escape, leading to a Captian Price versus Makarov showdown in the Gulag showers, but others theorised that you were actually watching the team engineering his breakout.

Now, the latter has been proven to be true, as the South Korean Ratings Board has revealed that the mission is about breaking Makarov out, rather than keeping him in.

Players will work for Makarov in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign

The South Korea Ratings Board claim that the game is "a first-person shooter about Makarov, who escaped from the Gulag to start a war."

This infers that the previewed Operation 627 (coincidentally the same cell that Captain Price was held in during the MW2 campaign in the initial trilogy) will see you actively help Makarov be released.

The Ratings Board also claimed that there will be drugs and smoking in the game, alongside the usual strapline of "f**k, b***h, and a**hole".

So, for the first time, be prepared to become one of Makarov's anarchists, which will be quite the storyline when you come to take him down and the character that you first used towards the end of the story.

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