Valkyrae Reacts To Addison Rae's Blue Light Skincare Mist

Valkyrae Reacts To Addison Rae's Blue Light Skincare Mist
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Emma Hill


2nd Feb 2022 12:37

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter has thrown some serious shade at Addison Rae after the TikTok star announced that she was launching her own blue light skincare brand. 

If there is one person who would tell you to never launch a blue light skincare product, it is YouTuber Valkyrae. In October 2021, the 30-year-old faced a wave of backlash after producing her skincare brand 'RFLCT', which was aimed at protecting skin from "blue light pollution." She was quickly slammed on social media with fans and streamers calling the "bullsh*t" product a "sham". Subsequently, Valkyrae admitted that she had been an "idiot" following the drama, which clearly took a huge toll on her as she revealed she was seeing a therapist as a result of the "trauma."

The memories of RFLCT then came flooding back when TikToker Addison Rae announced that she had launched her own face mist, which apparently protects her skin from "blue light." Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before Valkyrae had something to say.

What Is Addison Rae's New Skincare Product?

Addison's "blue-light and anti-pollution" face mist, called 'Screen Break', is up for sale for ITEM beauty for £19. According to the website, buyers can "relieve tired, screen-drained skin with this hydrating boost of blue light protection. A botanical blend clinically proven to protect skin from screen-emitted HEV blue light and daily pollution." It also contains a number of ingredients to "protect skin as you scroll, swipe, and stream."

Rae also appeared in a short clip in which she promoted the new product and sang its praises for helping keep her skin hydrated from "artificial blue light" which can "fatigue" skin. However, it probably didn't have the reaction she expected.

Viewers quickly referred back to Valkyrae's RFLCT drama with a number of fans posting the link to her YouTube video announcing the launch of the skincare range. 

Addison Rae's Blue Light Skincare Mist: Valkyrae Reacts

With so many comparisons to Valkyrae's RFLCT range, it wasn't long before the 100 Thieves co-creator herself responded to Addison's new product. Surprise, surprise she wasn't thrilled about the news. On January 2, Valkyrae tweeted: "Lol how is this real?! I wouldn’t be surprised if it's the same company."

Valkyrae's post was subsequently met with a plethora of support from her fans, with many claiming that the company who made RFLCT are probably also behind the production of 'Screen Break.' As one fan argued: "They literally used the same font and everything[...] they literally just had all that product left over and needed to find someone else to market it." 

Addison hasn't responded to the backlash, as of writing. However, some fans have stated that they are willing to give 'Screen Break' a chance, as one stated: "I'm actually real curious to see how this one plays out, does she have a conscious? Time will tell." Time will tell, indeed. 


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