The Witcher Season 5 already confirmed with Liam Hemsworth

The Witcher Season 5 already confirmed with Liam Hemsworth
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Tom Chapman


1st Jun 2023 16:22

Henry Cavill, Henry Cavill, who? The Witcher star's bed isn't even cold yet, but that hasn't stopped Netflix from trying to bulldoze all memory of Cavill's Geralt of Rivia in favour of Liam Hemsworth's upcoming recast. What better way to divert our attention than by commissioning the series for another season? 

Once the streaming giant's goose that laid the golden egg, the live-action adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's book series has found itself in troubled waters. Alongside whispers of behind-the-scenes troubles and accusations the writers hate Sapkowski's source material, we've had the departure of its lead star.

Netflix confirms The Witcher Season 5

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher
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The jury is out on whether The Witcher will survive without Cavill donning his white wig, but as the vultures circle for its imminent demise following the upcoming Season 3, Netflix is making the bold gamble of ordering Season 5. We'd previously heard Netflix was 'planning' a fifth season, but now, it's official. 

Speaking to Deadline, Casting Director Sophie Holland gave The Witcher Season 5 the green light. In a throwaway comment, Holland confirmed, "We're just about to start filming on season four with Liam Hemsworth and there will be a short gap then we go straight into season five."

As The Witcher Season 3 hasn't even aired yet (coming in the summer), there are sure to be accusations that we've jumped the gun by confirming The Witcher Season 5. After all, you only have to see the hate directed at Season 2 and complaints it dropped in quality. Considering S3 is yet to debut, it's a massive risk.

It was only recently that HBO did the reverse of Netflix and admitted that Season 3 of The Last of Us isn't even guaranteed. There was once talk of The Witcher running for seven seasons, but that's when Cavill was riding Roach into battle. Who knows what the plan is these days?

The Witcher has some serious work to do

Netflix has its work cut out, as there are already swathes of viewers claiming they'll boycott The Witcher ahead of Hemsworth joining for Season 4. A recent poll saw 80% of those asked claim they'd switch off after Season 3.

"The only show from Netflix I wanna see S5 is Stranger Things," said one on Twitter. "Then, Netflix can bankrupt! That being said, after the disaster of S2, and the news about S3 and Cavil leaving, I'll not spend a minute watching S4."

Another added, "At this point I think it's done more out of spite but good luck I guess," while a third joked, "If they make season 5 and no one watches, did they make season 5?" Someone else concluded, "Not even just about Cavill, I really don’t see anyone tuning in after 4….?"

Netflix is notorious for its erratic behaviour when it comes to cancelling and renewing shows, so don't place all your money on The Witcher Season 5 yet. Knowing Netflix, Season 3 will be the best TV show of all time and then get cancelled ahead of Season 4.

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