The Wind Waker Rewritten Is A Rude Zelda Game For Adults

The Wind Waker Rewritten Is A Rude Zelda Game For Adults
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8th Aug 2022 10:25

One of the best Zelda games is back with a bang, as The Wind Waker Rewritten puts an adult twist on the beloved GameCube game. While we wait for the melodic tones of a Wind Waker remake for the Nintendo Switch, The Wind Waker Rewritten gives us a whole new reason to play.

Following the release of the lauded Ocarina of Time in 1998, the Zelda name was at the forefront of the action-adventure genre. However, when we got to Wind Waker in 2002, it was a divisive entry that alienated many for its "childish" look. In the years since, the cel-shaded Wind Waker has become a cult classic that retains its charming style - well, until someone made it for adults.

What Is The Wind Waker Rewritten?

As pointed out by Kotaku AUThe Wind Waker Rewritten adds 10,000 new lines of dialogue to completely reimagine every character. The project's video reminds us that there's nothing new in terms of level design or gameplay. Instead, The Wind Waker Rewritten does exactly what it says on the tin and completely reimagines the game's story.

Rewritten is the work of aproxm and does add a few textures and cinematics. The description explains, "Experience the Great Sea in an entirely new and unprecedented way with The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker Rewritten, a romhack that takes the dialogue from the original Gamecube classic and rewrites it from front to back to tell an entirely different, unique story within the same framework of the game you know and love."

There's a lot to unpack in the four-minute trailer, with highlights including Beedle saying, "Holy sh*t, I love customers," or what about the King of the Red Lions being a bounty hunter? It's sure to be a popular mod, and one fan cheered, "I don't normally play anything outside of early pokémon games when it comes to ROM files, but this I actually need to give a go, wind waker was a good chunk of my childhood so this would be a great way to re experience it."


Will We Get A Wind Waker Remaster?

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Remake
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Not that we needed any more reason to love The Wind Waker, but now, Rewritten is imploring us to go back and try it all over again. Sadly, it's a case of downloading ROMs or dusting off your GameCube if you want to play the underrated Zelda classic. There's no sign of a proper remake/remaster from Nintendo. Although we had The Wind Waker HD in 2013 for the Wii U, gamers have been asking for a new-gen release that would finally bring it to the Nintendo Switch.

We've already seen Nintendo make bank with Skyward Sword HD, and in the nine years since The Wind Waker HD, a lot has changed in terms of technology. While we've heard a lot about a mythical new-gen Wind Waker, Nintendo bosses seem reluctant to take a leaf out of Capcom's book with the Resident Evil remasters. With Zelda back in the limelight next year thanks to Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo will hopefully turn its attention to Toon Link.

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