A new VALORANT map could be coming soon.

17:00, 14 Apr 2020

VALORANT could be welcoming a new map to it's existing three-map roster, by the name of 'Ascent'. The Venice-themed map features two bomb sites, with a winding path connecting the two on the longest route.

The map, first shown in a dev diaries video, and then datamined on Reddit by UlfricTheThird, could be the next map to hit the VALORANT beta, or, more likely, the full launch. 

Riot Games' VALORANT footage featured in the YouTube video had fans curious, as it shows the mini-map image of an unfamiliar map, lining up with what is known about 'Ascent' so far. 

The dataminer found the name 'Ascent' in the files, and some interesting info on the map, writing;

 "I have been doing some data mining and I have found some information on the new map code named "Ascent." I've learned that it takes place in Italy, as there is a lot of Italian writing on the textures. I think it is in Venice because some of the textures reference a canal. There is also a gondola texture. The street lamps have the same style that the street lamps in Venice have, but I don't know if that's just a style across Italy. There is also scaffolding models and textures in the files."

Ascent looks to be a map perfect for attacking, as there are perfect paths from Mid to A and Mid to B, and to go the long way round. Similar to the look of Haven, which has three bomb sites, this intricate and complex positioning will come with plenty of strategic opportunities for players. 

A first look at Ascent reveals it to be hard to defend, because of so many movement options. Future strategies could involve smoking tunnels to reduce enemy visibility and will be a heaven for VALORANT characters such as Brimstone, Omen or Viper.

New VALORANT Map Ascent
Ascent Map Design

With the recent release of Agent Reyna, we get another glimpse of what looks to be the 'Ascent' map in her intro video. 

If we're lucky, Ascent could be joining VALORANT as a playable map on launch date (June 2), and we for one can't wait to take on the streets of Venice.

Images via Riot Games

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