Riot Games alludes to VALORANT console & mobile updates ‘this year’

Riot Games alludes to VALORANT console & mobile updates ‘this year’
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Jack Marsh


24th Mar 2024 18:01

While VALORANT has followed in the footsteps of Counter-Strike in being a PC-only title, Riot Games is already working on a way to expand its FPS title to more platforms in a way that Valve dropped the ball with.

Historically, using CS as a case study, tactical, pixel-based, and geometric games might not have a place in the more fluid console and controller market, but Riot Games appears to be working on a way to break that mould with VALORANT.

But after a sustained period of silence on these platforms, Riot Games' Executive Producer on VALORANT Anna Donlan has now alluded to some well-needed updates on this front later this year.

VALORANT Executive Producer talks console ports at VCT Madrid

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In the wake of the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Madrid Grand Final, Riot Games held a press conference in which Leo Faria and Donlan were quizzed on the arrival of VALORANT console.

"I think we've been pretty open about the fact that we've been exploring other platforms and doing work to see if we can actually bring the great experience of the game onto different platforms, given different control schemes and stuff like that," Donlan said.

As to a time frame though, Donlan continued to skirt around any official information but rather alluded to some news coming in the next few months.

"I'm really hopeful that we'll be able to give some really solid updates on [VALORANT console] sometime this year," she added.

VALORANT Mobile to follow suit, as 'playtest leaks are a good sign'

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Over in the Riot Games camp, game development appears to be in an indifferent state, as the publishers have recently revealed that its League of Legends-inspired MMO has been set back by "several years".

But VALORANT Mobile remains on course, according to Donlan, who was faced with a similar question again in the pre-VCT Finals conference.

"Development continues on Valorant Mobile. We haven't had any significant updates except for, some leaks from some playtests - Which, I mean, if you're playtesting a game, that's always a good sign," she said.

Similarly to Mobile, Donlan pencilled in "later this year" for some more official updates.

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It does seem that, while some of Riot Games projects have hit roadblocks, the ball is rolling for the expansion of VALORANT, and more players than ever before might be able to access the tactical shooter before the quarter-century mark.

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