The Callisto Protocol Ending Has Leaked Online

The Callisto Protocol Ending Has Leaked Online
Images via Striking Distance

Written by 

Tarran Stockton


1st Dec 2022 10:17

Game releases don't always go smoothly for a variety of reasons, and now Striking Distance studios has found out the hard way as their debut game, The Callisto Protocol, has had its full ending leaked online. 

All Of The Callisto Protocol Has Been Leaked

Over the recent days, Striking Distance studios have faced problem after problem as The Callisto Protocol has had various parts of the game leaked. At first, it was the opening 20 minutes before expanding to two hours of gameplay, and now the entire game - including the final boss and credits - has been leaked online. 

The leak was initially discovered and reported by Insider Gaming, but the entire game was available to watch online for hours before the games press started to jump on it. While it has been taken down now, the whole game was leaked via Twitch streamer THAIGER_Gnasher_, through a series of videos documenting their playthrough. Searching the game on Twitch now will even get you a number of people streaming the game before they are supposed to.   

While this whole ordeal certainly sucks for Striking Distance, considering the embargo is the day of release, this may be a good thing for consumers. There are still many places you can find the footage online, and it might help you choose between Midnight Suns, Need for Speed Unbound, and The Callisto Protocol, which are all coincidentally dropping on December 2.

What Is The Callisto Protocol?

The Callisto Protocol is a spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, with that franchise's creator Glen Schofield even heading up the direction. Aside from similar gameplay ideas, and the general space and body horror themes, they are very different games and aren't connected.

Fans of the Dead Space franchise are in for a good two months though, as following The Callisto Protocol is a remake of the original Dead Space, set to release on January 27, 2023. Maybe their launch will also be much smoother. 

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