How To Access The Season 9 Arena Mode Teaser In Apex Legends

How To Access The Season 9 Arena Mode Teaser In Apex Legends

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Coleman Hamstead


12th Apr 2021 17:31

An exciting new teaser for Season 9 is on its way to Apex Legends. While Season 9 is still a few weeks away, it’s never too early to get the fanbase hyped up.

Distinguished dataminers/leakers, Biast12 and GarretLeaks, have revealed an elaborate teaser arriving to the game in the coming days. This is perhaps the most in-depth teaser Apex Legends has ever seen.

Starting on April 16, players will be able to collect various items during their matches on Kings Canyon and Olympus. Gathering up all of the required items will unlock the second phase of the teaser. Phase two will open to players on April 20.

To complete the teaser and access the secret location, players must go through a series of specific steps. These steps are not blatantly obvious either. It would be quite difficult to complete this teaser on your own without research. But that’s why we’re here. 

The steps below will take readers through this complex new teaser from start to finish. At the conclusion, we’ll discuss what this teaser means and what fans can expect out of Apex Legends Season 9.

1. Collect Keycard

Collecting the Keycard is the first step in the path to activating this elaborate teaser. When the teaser presumably goes live on April 16, Keycards will begin to appear in the care packages that drop throughout an Apex Legends match. Grabbing the Keycard will give players access to the next step.

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2. Find Holo-Sprays

Strange holo-sprays have been placed at points-of-interest (POIs) on both Kings Canyon and Olympus. These holo-sprays display a variation of the Apex Games logo. 

This gold holo-spray can be spotted at Crash Site, Bunker, and Cage on Kings Canyon. Olympus’s holo-sprays are located at Estates, Turbine, and Carrier. Collect all six to unlock the third step to this mysterious teaser.

3. Listen To The Voicemail Message

Following the completion of steps one and two, a phone will appear on the main lobby screen. Interacting with the phone will activate a voicemail recording. Simply listen to the message. The final step now awaits you.

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4. Enter The Firing Range And Activate The Teaser

After completing all of the prerequisite steps, players may enter the Firing Range to officially activate the teaser. The Chaos Theory update added a strange platform near the backside of the Firing Range. This is the rendezvous point.

Sliding the Keycard over the platform’s attached panel will send a ship down to your location. Entering the ship will transport the player to an undisclosed location. That’s where the real fun begins.

Where Does The Ship Take You?


In the voicemail recording on the lobby phone, players are invited to a place called The Arena. Here players can “prove their worth”. The ship that picks you up in the Firing Range will drop you off at this mystifying Arena. 

Entering through a tunnel, players will come across a giant elevator platform. While taking the platform up, players will be greeted by an ominous voice in the distance.

At the top, there is a massive hologram display of Ash, the Simulacrum Pilot we brought back to life during The Broken Ghost season quest. Ash inquires, “do you think you have what it takes to impress me? We’ll find out soon… The Arena awaits.”

Following Ash’s message, the screen goes black and players are transported back to the lobby.

What Does This Teaser Mean?

This detailed teaser is certainly hinting at the new three on three Arena Mode that has been leaked in recent months. Rumours suggested that Arena Mode would arrive in Season 9, and it now looks to be official.

Arena Mode is a three vs. three Team Deathmatch (TDM)-style mode playable on a variety of smaller, symmetrical maps. For now, most of the maps look to be based on Kings Canyon.

The same dataminers that leaked Arena Mode seem to believe that this new mode will also have a Ranked variation. This is great news for players looking to test their skills in a non-battle royale version of Apex Legends.

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Have We Met Season 9’s New Legend?

This teaser could also hint at the new Season 9 Legend. It’s been theorized for a while now that Ash would enter the Apex Games. Ash was a prevalent character in the Titanfall series and has been a prominent figure in Apex Legends lore.

However, it’s not like Respawn to make their reveals so obvious. This company has fooled the fanbase before, so it’s impossible to come to any solid conclusion after this one teaser. It’s possible that Ash will just announce The Arena, similar to how Fuse’s old friend Maggie has taken over that role in various Apex Legends limited-time modes.

Further leaks divulge Kuben Blisk as a potential new Legend with full-on ability leaks available for viewing. So there’s really no telling on what this teaser means for Ash. Ash could arrive as a playable Legend in Season 9, a later season, or not at all.

It’s important to remember that we are still weeks out from Season 9. Game developers like to drip-feed new season info - that’s how you keep the fanbase engaged. There’s no doubt that we’ll hear more on Apex Legends Season 9 and The Arena in the coming weeks.


Images via  Biast12 | GarretLeaks | Respawn Entertainment

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