From best to worst, here is GGRecon's Apex Legends weapons tier list.

17:49, 08 Jun 2020

Apex Legends has a large pool of lootable weapons, from shotguns to ARs to snipers. Gold variations and hop-ups come and go, and the majority of weapons face buffs and nerfs over the course of the seasons, to manage balance issues. Then, of course, there are care package weapons – the most powerful and best weapons in the game.

For this tier list, GGRecon will rank all the Apex Legends weapons available in the game, from S to D, including weapons with and without hop-ups. The rankings are based on usability, damage, DPS body and headshot, ammo capacity and RPM. The tier rankings also account for single, burst, and auto-fire variants.

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S TIER  – Mastiff, R99, M600 Spitfire, Peacekeeper, Devotion, Kraber



The Mastiff is new to the ground loot pool and was previously only a care package weapon. Although damage was decreased due to its new rarity status (from Legendary), the Mastiff is still insanely powerful. The iron sights of this shotgun are also some of the nicest in the game, and the reload speed is decent. Smack a purple (Epic) shotgun bolt on the Mastiff and it becomes a beast, with high accuracy, a high of 128 headshot damage on opponents with no helmet, (on non-Low Profile or Fortified legends), and 6 shots to play with. Even facing off against an enemy with a gold helmet (Level 4), the right angle can grant you 96 headshot damage.


The R-99 submachine gun is a firecracker of a weapon, spitting out bullets at an astounding 1080 RPM, the fastest of any gun in the game. Although the recoil has been an issue, in recent Apex Legends news the blinding muzzle flash was fixed, and using a purple or gold barrel stabiliser can eradicate most of the recoil issues regardless of this. The speed at which the R-99 operates at, makes it deadly with a top clip capacity of 27, this gun shreds through opponents with light ammo, even if it only deals a maximum of 17 headshot and 11 body respectively.

M600 Spitfire

The Spitfire is one of the best weapons to use in Apex Legends. The M600 Spitfire uses heavy rounds, rumoured to slow enemies, and with the maximum ammo mag capping out at a ridiculous 55, this LMG is high damage per shot and can back up that damage from the first shot, a further 54 times. The magazine capacity is the highest in the game and coupled with low recoil and a 2x headshot multiplier, you’d be mad to not pick up this beast of a gun.

Peacekeeper (Precision Choke)

Now we delve into the overpowered world that is Care Package Weapons. These Legendary weapons are rare and only obtained by looting a supply drop. The Peacekeeper was a non-legendary shotgun until the advent of Season 5, but is now only available as a gold weapon, with the Precision Choke hop-up added, along with a gold shotgun bolt and a 1x digital threat scope, to take the shotgun to fully kitted levels. The only downfall of this gun is the fact that it uses “special ammo”, and you only have 15 shells to play with, so you have to make each shot count. Devastating headshot highs of 143 and body damage of 110 make the PK a perfect end-game weapon.

Devotion (Turbocharger)

Another care package weapon, the Devotion LMG is an energy weapon, using “special ammo” capped at 162 spare rounds, with a mag capacity of 54. The ramp-up can be frustrating, but once the Devotion is firing at full pelt, 900 RPM laser opponents into deathboxes in an instant, meaning it has to be in Tier S of this weapons tier list.

Kraber .50-cal Sniper

Anyone who has used or been downed by this sniper can agree; it is disgusting. 435 headshot damage can be done using this 50-cal – a guaranteed knockdown on any player, regardless of size profile or helmet rarity. Careful with those no-scopes though, only 12 “special ammo” bullets are included. The vilest (and most powerful) thing about the Kraber is the bullets penetrate enemies, passing through them even when it results in a knock, meaning multiple opponents can be shot with one bullet. Due to all of this, there's no doubt that the Kraber is placed in Tier S of our Apex Legends weapons tier list.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List
Kraber - Image via Liquipedia

A TIER – R301 Carbine, Wingman (Skullpiercer), Prowler (Selectfire), VK-47 Flatline, Hemlock, Longbow (Skullpiercer), Sentinel


R301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine is an assault rifle that uses light ammo, consistently performs at close, medium, and long-range, and has a high fire rate, as well as good accuracy. The only drawbacks are the slightly lower damage numbers, producing hits of 28 headshot and 14 body. The single fire on the Carbine is as good as its auto counterpart, just make sure to click back to auto mode before any close-range engagements. Anyone who has ever picked up this AR should agree it deserves its A Tier status in this Apex Legends weapons tier list.

Wingman (Skullpiercer)

The Wingman is the favourite pistol of highly skilled players and winds up being seen in most pro-player loadouts during competitive play. Now that the Skullpiercer gold hop-up has returned to Apex Legends, there seem to be no downsides to this gun – apart from the players own skill. Landing headshots is key to using the Wingman, and using the right setup for your own usage, and since the reintroduction of the Skullpiercer, only three headshots are needed on an opponent wearing Red Evo Armour (Level 5) to down them. 76/90/94 are the base headshot damages for normal, low-profile, and fortified Legends respectively, making the Wingman a demon in the right hands.  

Prowler (Selectfire)

Unlike the Prowler without the hop-up, the Selectfire version does absolute bits. This SMG uses heavy ammo for a full magazine capacity of a whopping 35, and once fully auto it can deal damage of around 23/24/20 to the head. It is the highest DSP non-care package weapon, landing it firmly in Tier A for that reason.

VK-47 Flatline

Although the Flatline lost some of its allure once the Anvil Receiver hop-up was vaulted in Season 5, making the single-fire option no more powerful than the auto version, it still boasts high damage, performance and good ammo depletion time. A Level 3 (Epic) mag will provide you with 30 shots, each one able to deal 40 headshot damage and 19 body damage on an averaged size opponent. The only con to this assault rifle is slightly poor accuracy stats compared to its sister ARs like the Carbine, and poor long-range performance.

Hemlock Burst AR

The Hemlock allows the holder to switch between single and burst fire, and the word to describe the AR is – good. Good at medium range, a good burst rate of fire, this weapon is simple yet effective. The high damage stats and accuracy pull this gun up from a lower rank to a comfortable position in Tier A, thanks to 132 headshot and 66 body damage.

Longbow (Skullpiercer)

The scourge of previous seasons, the Longbow is lethal, and it echoes throughout the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of those with Level 1 helmets. As with the Wingman, the reappearance of the Skullpiercer hop-up has cemented the Longbow’s beastly status, offering out 138 headshot damage, a very large mag capacity for a sniper, and great hip-fire accuracy in close calls. The low fire rate is really the only downside.


The Sentinel was the new gun introduced into the world of Apex Legends in Season 4, and even though it’s not quite yet a favourite of many players, it has so much potential. Despite not having a real hop-up, the ability to charge the gun with 2 Shield Cells to get a “Disruptor” effect is pretty fatal for your enemies. Charged, the Sentinel sniper can deal up to 125 body damage, but headshots remain the same at 140. The bolt-action mechanic is why the Sentinel is not in Tier S, as the time between shots is painfully long, and pair that with shocking hip-fire accuracy and the Sentinel can confidently call Tier A it’s home.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List

B TIER – EVA-8 Auto (Double Tap), RE-45, Alternator, G7 Scout, Wingman, Triple Take (Precision Choke), Longbow, Charge Rifle, L-STAR


EVA-8 Auto (Double Tap)

The EVA-8 shotgun is inconsistent yet powerful, but too much of a liability to place higher in this tier list. Its auto function is still lethal, but with an Epic shotgun bolt and a Double-Tap hop-up, it can deliver devastating burst shots of up to 198 headshot damage.

RE-45 Auto

The RE-45 is an automatic pistol that uses light ammo, can hold 25 bullets in a Level 3 clip, and is a very common ground loot gun. The bullet spread is airtight but does not zoom in when aiming down sights. Its sheer speed is what lands it in Tier B instead of C of this Apex Legends weapons tier list, as even though it doesn’t do impressive damage numbers, you can catch an enemy off guard in those first engagements with this tiny yet furious Chihuahua of a pistol.


Firing through two alternating barrels, this mini SMG has an impressive 640 RPM stat, with easy-to-control recoil as well as good tap-fire control. Although the damage stats aren’t stratospheric (between 12 and 23) 27 bullets in the Level 3 mag can do major damage.

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout was recently recategorized from a Sniper Rifle to an Assault Rifle, and in doing so, Respawn Entertainment were forced to downgrade the headshot damage, which was the meta for a good while in competitive arenas. The G7 is reliable, complete with penetrating bullets (like the Kraber) and can still do decent 60 headshot damage.


Unlike the Skullpiercer version of the Wingman, the standard Wingman is placed in a lower tier, purely due to lower damage numbers, slightly wonky recoil, and overall stat drops.

Triple Take (Precision Choke)

This energy weapon-cum-sniper rifle has very little projectile drop at long range (as Bangalore likes to say) and again, bullets penetrate enemies like the G7 and Kraber. 138 headshot damage is the average, but those bullets can’t travel very far, as this is more a short-range sniper, even with a Precision Choke.


As with the Wingman, the Longbow sans-Skullpiercer is placed in a lower tier, simply due, again, to lower damage stats. Why settle for 110 headshot damage when you could have 138? Well, because the hop-up is gold, and therefore rare and hard to find, meaning that unfortunately, the standard Longbow can’t join its sister in Tier A.

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle charged into battle (get it?) in Season 3 as the new gun, and this sniper was touted as being OP from the off. After many challenging balance issues for Respawn, the Charge Rifle is now firmly in Tier B. The bullet-beam deals 3 damage in ticks as it burns the enemy down sights, then can rise to a maximum of 45 damage beyond this, following the opponent as they try to avoid the precise burn of the bullets.


Again, another “new” gun from Season 2, the L-STAR Energy LMG was a care package weapon, but quickly nerfed and moved to the floor loot pool. Enemies scatter and panic when they see the red flash of the L-STAR’s horrendously fast fire rate, but overheating is its main obstacle. After a mere three seconds of continuous firing, your character will be forced to “reload”.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List
Bloodhound holds the L-STAR

C TIER – EVA-8 Auto, Mozambique (Hammerpoint), P2020 (Hammerpoint), G7 Scout (Double Tap), Prowler, Triple Take, Havoc (Selectfire), Havoc


EVA-8 Auto

The EVA-8 simply can’t compete with the Double-Tap hop-up version when it comes to speed and damage, landing it in a sad Tier C spot. Its inconsistent spread pattern is also a factor for its placement.

Mozambique (Hammerpoint)

The most memed weapon, the Mozambique lands in Tier C to no ones surprise. However, the addition of the Hammerpoint hop-up did give it a slight leg-up to its non-kitted counterpart. If you can land a headshot with the 3 shots allotted, you can deal 153 headshot damage. The three shot magazine is the biggest downfall of the Mozam, and the fire rate isn’t up to much either.

P2020 (Hammerpoint)

The other Hammerpoint user, the P2020 pistol, is very useful at the start of a match if you manage to pick up both pretty sharpish. The Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up increases damage to unshielded players, hence it’s low usability in the end-game, where most of your opponents will have at least picked up an Epic shield during the game. Even with Hammerpoint, the P2020 deals a max of 53 headshot damage, but a lightning-fast reload speed means it hasn’t been demoted to Tier D. Yet.

G7 Scout (Double Tap)

The reason the Double Tap G7 can’t be in Tier B is thus; the accuracy is plain weird. In burst mode, the G7 is hard to control in terms of recoil at medium to long range, due to a sudden drop-off in accuracy on the second shot, which can’t be controlled.


Another weapon, another downgrade due to no hop-up… The Prowler SMG in burst fire mode shoots 5 consecutive bullets, instead of the standard 3, but the fact the Prowler is burst-only without a hop-up is a big negative. A lot of players struggle to get good enough damage in the standard setup.

Triple Take

Without the Precision Choke, the damage is not only reduced but so are those easier hits. The sniper is still not great at long range, which for a Sniper, is bad news.

Havoc (Selectfire)

As with the Charge Rifle, the Havoc with a Selectfire (which turns on a single-fire mode) adds a hitscan beam, turning it into a medium-range Sniper, that can do 90 headshot damage. It must, however, charge before shooting, in both instances, and the charged shot beam with the Selectfire enabled has bad damage fall-off.


The Havoc as an auto weapon is still in Tier C. The removal of the Turbocharger hop-up really did a number on the poor old Havoc, but the easy to control horizontal recoil and 2x headshot multiplier saved it from demotion.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List

D TIER –Mozambique, P2020



The Mozambique in Tier D of our Apex Legends weapon tier list is no shock to anyone who has played even one match of Apex Legends. The semi-automatic mini shotgun does garbage levels of damage without it’s one saving grace – the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up.


The only thing worse than a standard Mozambique is a standard P2020. Maximum 20 headshot damage and 13 body shot mean this weapon is Tier D, no contest. Come up against an opponent with ANY OTHER GUN in the first engagement and you’re bound to lose.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List
Mozambique Shotgun

So there you have it, from the highs of a Mastiff to the lows of a Mozambique, the Apex Legends weapon pool includes both OP and LOW-P weapons to pick from. Just make sure you keep an eye on those care package drops…


Images via Respawn Entertainment

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