Terrifying Elden Ring Mod Turns Everyone Into Malenia

Terrifying Elden Ring Mod Turns Everyone Into Malenia
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Tom Chapman


17th Jun 2022 10:14

We see her on the bus, we see her in the mirror, we see her in our dreams and nightmares. While it once seemed that Margit and the hours we threw at the game's first real boss was as tough as it gets, little did we know Hidetaka Miyazaka was dangling us like a stunned mouse in front of the jaws of a ravenous cat. 

Elden Ring has a lot of iconic enemies, but quite literally as the poster girl for FromSoftware's sprawling Souls-like, few come close to Malenia. With her winged helmet and flaming hair, Malenia was instantly recognisable before we even got to her gruelling boss battle. Now, she's broken free from Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree and taken over the Lands Between. 

Why Is Malenia Everywhere In Elden Ring?

We've covered how Elden Ring mods are everywhere, and while a lot swap out enemies or the Tarnished for the likes of Shrek and Thomas the Tank Engine, others are slightly less ridiculous. The Elden Ring Item and Enemy Randomizer is a popular mod that keeps things fresh while we wait for that proposed Elden Ring DLC... if it exists. Now, it's been put to good use to turn EVERYONE into Malenia.

Posting on YouTube, user Bushy takes on the task of besting Elden Ring where everything is Malenia. From Jade Goblins to Godskin Apostles, Grafted Scion to Scarscourge Radahn, literally everyone is now the game's (arguably) hardest boss. In the eight-hour video, Bushy jumps on Torrent and takes on this nightmarish realm of a million Malenias. The only time we don't see her are NPCs and unusual enemy encounters, however, we'll be seeing Malenia when we close our eyes tonight.

Polishing off the run, Bushy's crowning glory was the traditional fight with the classic Malenia. Before you start bowing to them as the next Elden Lord, this run isn't as impossible as you might think. Even though the game is populating the realm with Malenias, they aren't the OG Malenia. Each opponent's health is scaled to what they would usually be in-game. Still, each is still a two-stage battle that makes things harder than normal


What Other Challenge Runs Are There?

Ignoring all the usual speedruns and players slashing how long it takes to beat to just under six minutes, we've seen some pretty great challenge runs in the short time Elden Ring has been out. Away from the classic no-hit Elden Ring run, there have been more out-there ones like taking on enemies using only Mario's signature butt stomp, or what about beating the bosses using just a harp?

Still, the Elden Ring Randomizer looks like the new way to play. Similar to replacing everyone with Malenia, someone else has used it to swap every demigod and monster with the Elden Beast, so what about everyone being the Turtle Pope? It's pretty much like playing a whole new Elden Ring, which should keep you busy until FromSoft finally gets off its backside to deliver some sort of post-release content.

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