Someone Unlocked The Secret Elden Ring Colosseum

Someone Unlocked The Secret Elden Ring Colosseum

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Tom Chapman


26th Apr 2022 13:16

Elden Ring is massive. Not just in terms of its sales and critical reception meaning it's already one of the biggest games of all time, but in terms of its actual geographical size. Now, dataminers have (literally) unlocked one of the fantasy epic's secrets - creaking open the doors to the secret Elden Ring colosseum. 

FromSoftware developed Elden Ring alongside Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and started work in 2017. With five years of development, you'd imagine everything that was supposed to be in the Lands Between made it in, but as we already know, that's not the case.

What's In The Elden Ring Colosseum? 

It was back in March that hacker Lance McDonald managed to explore the various locked colosseums and speculated they could be part of a potential Elden Ring DLC instead of cut content. Now, it's over to dataminer Sekiro Dubi to reveal the secrets of the colosseums. Inside, they've found Sites of Grace, new locations, and gladiator-inspired NPCs.

They used the DSMapStudio map editor to bust open Leyndell's colosseum and find out what's going on inside. Whether it's ended up on the cutting room floor or is being saved for the inevitable Elden Ring DLC, gladiator fights were once part of the game's ever-expanding lore. Inside, there's a standard humanoid enemy and the lion-inspired beat, going under the names of Gladiator Large and Old Lion of the Arena.

Although it clearly takes influence from the Roman colosseums of old, we don't quite have the baying crowds or Joaquin Phoenix turning his thumb down. Alongside the Lyndell Colosseum, there's also code for Stormveil Colosseum, suggesting that each of these cut locales works the same. Remembering that the NPCs outside the colosseums refer to them as remains of a bygone era, they could fit nicely with a main story prequel. 


Will The Elden Ring Colosseums Come Back?

Even though it's easy to imagine FromSoftware opening up the colosseums for an Elden Ring DLC, remember, the developer hasn't actually announced any yet. Thanks to the runaway success of the base game, we've already been told by Bandai Namco President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa that there are plans to "expand" the franchise. Some hoped that could be a tease of an Elden Ring series or movie, but to be honest, it's probably a DLC.

Now that we've scratched the surface of the secret Elden Ring colosseum, expect others to follow in Sekiro Dubi's footsteps as we try to pore through every crevice of this gladiatorial arena. At the moment, FromSoft seems quite happy dishing out the odd update with bug fixes and occasional NPCs quests while dodging the issue of whether a paid expansion is on the way. What's the problem, are you not entertained?


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