Surprise Starfield Reveal Shows New In-Game Locations

Surprise Starfield Reveal Shows New In-Game Locations
Images via Bethesda

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Joseph Kime


27th Aug 2021 11:34

Bethesda has hyped up Starfield a lot, and there’s a lot of excitement that the new game is going to have to live up to. The game, that so far has been described as Skyrim in space” has every chance of buckling under its own weight- but the upcoming Xbox exclusive has the potential to be Bethesda’s best work.

And now, as something of a surprise, we have a fresh look at the game that reveals some of the open-world title’s many locations.

Starfield Reveals Three Main Locations In New Videos

In three new short videos, some new key locations from Starfield have been revealed with some developer commentary to go with them.

The first spot revealed is New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies.

Emil Pagliarulo, the design director of Starfield, offers some insight on the location - “the city is a true melting pot”, he says, “and its residents come from every race, creed and ethnicity. In a lot of ways, New Atlantis is a true reflection of the future of our world.”

The second location is Neon, a pleasure city fuelled by a psychotropic drug that was once discovered in the fish of the planet, which swim under the rickety plinths that the city stands on. The drug is legal only on Neon, making it a hotspot for recreation. So Neon is to space what Amsterdam is to Europe.

The third and final location revealed is Akila, the capital of the Freestar Collective. “The city itself is home to a variety of people”, says Pagliarulo, “but they all have one thing in common - they all believe in the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality.”

The city is walled off due to a looming threat outside - the deadly Ashta, the wolf-velociraptor hybrid predators that can kill with ease.

When Is Starfield Coming Out?

These exciting new looks have got us excited about the game’s eventual release, but we’ve got a while to wait until we can get our hands on it. The game is slated for a November 2022 release, so hold our horses - bottle your hype, because it’ll come in handy later.

These new peeks at the locations of Starfield are incredibly exciting and imply that Bethesda was right - this could well be Skyrim in space. Bring it on.


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