Starfield’s “biggest update yet” is on its way but it won’t really change all that much

Starfield’s “biggest update yet” is on its way but it won’t really change all that much
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13th Jan 2024 21:49

Bethesda has announced that Starfield’s biggest update yet is on its way, with several fixes and improvements on the way.

While the full details haven’t been announced yet, the update doesn’t appear to bring any of the gameplay improvements that were promised.

The “biggest Starfield update yet” is being released next week

Bethesda has shared that the “biggest Starfield update yet” is going to be released on January 17.

While players have been eagerly waiting for the major gameplay update that was promised in December, it doesn’t seem that any changes along these lines will be included in the upcoming release.

According to Bethesda’s Twitter account: “This update contains a multitude of fixes to Quests. Eye of the Storm issues such as being unable to dock with the Legacy or data transfer not starting, and Temples not showing up in Into the Unknown, will no longer prevent Constellation from exploring the cosmos.

“Additionally, this update brings stability improvements and numerous graphic improvements ranging from additional widescreen support to improved textures, lighting, and shadows.

“Other fixes and improvements include sun disk geometry, planet ring shadows, bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an Outpost, ship hatches marked inaccessible, and another fix for asteroids following ships.”

The developer has stated that the full update notes will be shared alongside the Steam Beta release.

Based on what we do know about the release, it seems to focus largely on graphic improvements and other aesthetics which won’t make much difference to the gameplay experience.

Players are disappointed in the lack of gameplay updates

Given that Bethesda have dubbed the upcoming update the "biggest yet" fans are unsurprisingly disappointed that it will not make much difference to their gameplay experience.

One said: "I miss the days when full price games did not launch in an early access stage and needed months of fixing."

Another added: "Was hoping this was " the new ways of travelling update " but I'm sure we're leading up to it."

Several players are pleased that the game is receiving updates regardless of whether or not they will impact the game itself.

"Amen, keep improving Starfield," said one commenter.

Another Twitter user said: "We fans appreciate the communication & these improvements sound great!"

While it is definitely disappointing to not be receiving the huge gameplay improvements that we have been promised just yet, it does seem as though they are on the horizon

The major updates, which are set to include increased customisation for difficulty settings, official mod support and new transport options, appears to be set to start rolling out in February.

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