Players Spot Elder Scrolls Easter Egg In Starfield Trailer

Players Spot Elder Scrolls Easter Egg In Starfield Trailer

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Tom Chapman


14th Jun 2021 13:57

While the wide worlds of The Elder Scrolls and Starfield might seem (literally) a million miles away from each other, the fantasy favourite and upcoming sci-fi spectacular could be closer than we first thought. Even though we always knew Microsoft and Bethesda's E3 showcase was going to be a highlight of this year's expo, it delivered above and beyond. 

Alongside Captain Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves, there was the reveal of vampire-shooter Redfall, a much-improved Halo Infinite, and our first real look at Starfield. The open-world game has piqued all our interest, with a glossy trailer that has teased its next-gen potential. Eagle-eyed gamers think they've spotted an Elder Scrolls map hiding in plain sight.

What is the Elder Scrolls Easter egg in Starfield?

It's been a full decade since Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and although we hoped E3 could provide an update on what comes next, we're left scrambling for clues about a mythical The Elder Scrolls 6. Both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 were officially announced at E3 2018, but by the looks of it, one of them is further along than the other.

As we continue combing through the Starfield trailer to look for clues, one fans posted on Reddit and pointed toward a strange scratch on the ship's console. Even though we need to take things with a massive pinch of salt, some think it's a clever nod to The Elder Scrolls' world, and in particular, the Iliac Bay area. This body of water is between High Rock and Hammerfell, and is sometimes called Starfall Bay. Starfield and Starfall sound like a little too much of a coincidence for our liking. 

Even if there were sceptics, others loved the potential spot of an Elder Scrolls 6 location. One fan wrote, "Bro holy sh*t that was a find!", while another added,"My gut said High Rock, convinced it's happening after this. Focus on Breton power struggle and politics would be brill". A third joked, "Imagine if this wasn't intentional and you're a bethesda employee reading this tho. 'Hey Todd, come over here, they think the scraped paint is a teaser for ESVI2". 

When is The Elder Scrolls 6 being released?

This isn't the first time we've heard of Hammerfell as a possible POI in The Elder Scrolls 6. In January, the official TES Twitter told fans to "transcribe the past and map the future", with a tease of Hammerfell and the arrival of the Redguards.

If something as minor as a scratch really lets us know where The Elder Scrolls 6 is set, it would be one of the best gaming Easter eggs of all time. Something so small dropping such a big reveal seems unlikely, but remember that even a minute scratch on a console has been put there by an artist. Sadly, a location tease brings us no closer a release date for The Elder Scrolls 6.

Two years after the first announcement, the story, release date, and which consoles it will be coming to are still a mystery. E3 2022 could be one to watch for The Elder Scrolls 6, but to be honest, we aren't holding out much hope. 

Of course, the Starfield trailer has an altogether more obvious Easter egg. Before the ship blasted off, there was a console with the numbers 11-11-22. It was a neat reveal that Starfield will rocket into our lives on November 11, 2022. As we continue our tinfoil-theorising, it's back to the Starfield trailer to look for more potential Elder Scrolls scraps.


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