Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League may have just got another delay to 2024

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League may have just got another delay to 2024
Images: Rocksteady Studios

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Joseph Kime


10th Mar 2023 15:13

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is having a bit of a moment, despite trying to convince players onto its side.

The recent gameplay reveal of the game put some focus on how exactly the game is played, which was exciting for some - but in the process, the game revealed that it requires an online connection even when playing single-player and that it's following the disappointing feature of a battle pass. Fans have decried these live-service game features being added to a game that serves as something of a follow-up to the Arkham series - and they've decried even further that Bloomberg has reported that the game will be pushed once again into the back end of 2023.

But it could get worse still.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League could be coming next year

In yet another depressing update for the game, industry insiders are reporting that the game won't in fact be coming this year at all and that it's likely to be pushed into 2024.

Speaking on the Game Mess Decides podcast, industry insider Jeff Grubb has claimed that the game is set to be pushed back even further. "I don't want to like, cause a panic or anything, but I've heard it's not even coming this year. I'm hearing 2024."

It's even more horrible news for fans hoping for the best when it comes to the new Suicide Squad game, but sadly, it's something we could have seen coming.

How many times has Suicide Squad been delayed now?

The game was initially set to release in 2022, but was then delayed to Spring 2023, making 2023 the year of Suicide Squad. It has been revealed that the game would launch on May 26 before it was delayed until later this year with no concrete window, which brings us to now, where we can now potentially expect to wait yet another year for the game to touch down.

It's an incredibly frustrating eventuality for fans to deal with, especially after how poorly received its recent PlayStation deep-dive was. Looks like we'll have to wait until next year to show The Flash what for.