Street Fighter movie reboot is ready to kick butt

Street Fighter movie reboot is ready to kick butt
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Joseph Kime


4th Apr 2023 08:47

Live-action video game appearances are back. And we're not immediately horrified by them. Now that's an achievement.

It looks like The Last of Us has made leaps and bounds towards renewing the vision of video games in more linear entertainment, and with the likes of God of War and Gears of War making their way towards their own television and movie appearances, Hollywood is looking upon their consoles with a gleam in their eyes.

And now, a new live-action movie is on the way - and we've actually seen it before.

Street Fighter is coming back to live-action

Street Fighter movie reboot is ready to kick butt
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Though many might still be having nightmares about the travesty that was the original live-action Street Fighter movie (save for M. Bison, the hammiest cinematic baddie in history), it seems Tinsel Town doesn't remember - because we're getting a brand-new film based on the fighter franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Legendary Entertainment is working on a new feature film based on Capcom's brutal brawler, as the studio now holds the rights to the live-action film and television iterations of Street Fighter.

We've seen a couple of films based on the fighter before, with the first in 1994 starring Kylie Minogue and being so poor that it became a camp classic. Elsewhere, 2009's Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li might've nabbed Michael Clarke Duncan but was simply forgettable.

This isn't the first video game foray from Legendary, as they also produced Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, but beyond that, we're not sure what to expect from the film.

When is the new Street Fighter movie coming out?

The reveal that the film is on the horizon is practically all that we have to go on so far. No casting news, director, or filming information has been provided - but we can make an educated guess on when we can expect to see it.

Given that there is no filming schedule yet, we expect the Street Fighter movie to still be a way off - so an early 2025 release date might be wishful thinking in itself. Even so, to know there's a new Street Fighter on the way is compelling enough in itself. We just hope they don't screw it up...again.

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