Gears of War Creator Says 'Keep Chris Pratt Away' From Netflix Movie

Gears of War Creator Says 'Keep Chris Pratt Away' From Netflix Movie
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Joseph Kime


11th Nov 2022 14:39

A Gears of War movie is finally happening, and though many might suggest it's a little late for it after the series saw a pretty big overhaul with Gears 5, we'll welcome more Gears any day.

In recent years, the film industry seems to have offered the interactive medium a more generous hand, adapting more than they previously seemed willing to. The video game film comeback could be upon us, but that's if we can nab the right actor who can make waves for the right reasons. And the Gears series' original designer seems to agree.

Cliff Bleszinski Wants To Keep Chris Pratt Out Of Gears

Speaking on the upcoming adaptations of the Gears of War franchise on Netflix, the Gears creator has taken to Twitter to draw a line - to keep Chris Pratt away. Netflix is working on both a live-action movie and animated series based on the Xbox icon, and it looks like Cliff Bleszinski isn't keen for Mario himself to grace the screen.

After taking to Twitter to discuss his casting choices for the game, citing Karl Urban as the perfect Marcus Fenix, he bolted onto the end, "Oh and keep Chris Pratt away from the Gears franchise, please, FFS." Fair.

Cliff has some bold ideas for the casting of the Gears of War adaptations, and it seems he sides with the fans on one casting choice.

Dave Bautista Is Campaigning To Join The Gears of War Movie

Though he's not keen on Chris Pratt, Cliffy B is eyeing up his Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Dave Bautista to join the movie, and it very much seems like he's keen too. Sharing a video of himself repping the Gears armour on Twitter, it seems that Bautista is actively campaigning to be a part of the movie.

It's just as well, because replying to the video is Cliffy B himself, saying, "Brother, as the designer of 1 2 and 3 you're my first choice." Bautista couldn't be making it easier for Netflix to make the right decision here. We know we want it. We know he wants it. Make it happen.

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