Will Ferrell may star in surprising new video game movie

Will Ferrell may star in surprising new video game movie
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29th May 2023 10:03

Video game movies are back on the map. Thank goodness for that.

Though video game movies are still colloquially known not to live up to their source material, or even the hype, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has, in many ways, rewritten history. Video games on the big screen have been revealed to have the potential to both soar at the box office and not be a total pile of s**t. Thanks, Illumination!

But, video game movies no longer have to be set in video game worlds, as proven by Tetris, the Apple TV movie about the race to licence and patent the iconic game from Russia during the Cold War. And now, a new similar premise could be coming to the big screen, and it could star one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Will Ferrell is in talks to play John Madden

Will Ferrell may star in surprising new video game movie
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Amazon Studios is planning its next movie to capitalise on the success of the likes of Tetris and Air, and it's going to be one for you NFL fans.

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios is about to head up Madden, the story of the legendary NFL coach John Madden and the creation of the game series based on his iconography. Will Ferrell is in talks to take up the titular role.

The film will be directed by David O. Russell, the man behind the likes of American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, and will be produced by Escape Artist's Todd Black, Jonathan Shukat, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch.

What is the Madden movie about?

Will Ferrell may star in surprising new video game movie
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The film has supposedly been in the works for some time, and it hopes to bring to life the trials and tribulations of Madden's career.

"A Prime Video Sports Original, Madden tells the story of one of the larger-than-life personalities to grace an NFL sideline," reads the film's description.

"All Madden ever wanted was to be a head coach and he was one of the best ever. After winning the Super Bowl, the stress of the job began to destroy him. It forced him away from his dream job, and the film focuses on his friendship with Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, and how Madden found a second act that made him far more famous.

"He continued his passion for teaching X's and O's in different ways. He redefined the notion of the football broadcaster with an outsized personality that led to a big endorsement career for Lite Beer from Miller, Tinactin and other products.

"Although he'd never played a video game in his life, Madden helped change the video game landscape when he became the figurehead for Madden NFL, a perennial top seller that this fall gets its 24th incarnation through Electronic Arts."

It's a big deal for NFL fans, and who knows - maybe it'll help to illuminate video game production to fans who have never touched them. And that couldn't possibly be a bad thing.

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