Star Wars Eclipse Will Be A 'Classic' Quantic Dream Game

Star Wars Eclipse Will Be A 'Classic' Quantic Dream Game
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Joseph Kime


16th Sep 2022 10:59

Star Wars Eclipse is still getting a lot of love, despite the fact we've only had one trailer and that it's predicted to debut in 2028. We've got some time to wait for Quantic Dream's Star Wars adventure, but fans are already obsessed with its aesthetic, as well as the very fact this will be the first game set in the Old Republic era.

Players have been concerned that Quantic Dream's game structure simply won't lend itself to a breathtaking adventure across the galaxy far, far away. And though we're not entirely convinced, it sounds like the team will be hanging onto the things that make a QD game, a QD game.

What Is Quantic Dream Working On With Star Wars Eclipse?
Star Wars Eclipse Will Be A 'Classic' Quantic Dream Game
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Speaking with IGN Japan, Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere has revealed that the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse will maintain the things that fans love about their games.

"I think with each new title we try to innovate, we try to explore new ground," said Fondaumiere."With Star Wars Eclipse we're certainly going to keep the fundamental elements of a Quantic Dream game; very strong story, very strong characters, multiple playable characters, and of course, giving the players the possibility to change, through their actions and decisions, how the story unfolds."

So, it looks like we're going to be dealing with a pretty slow means of unfolding a story, which could yet work in the Star Wars universe - but it seems that the team still has focus on the fact that the game is an action-adventure.


Star Wars Eclipse Is Still An Action-Adventure Game

Despite saying this, de Fondaumiere has made it clear that Eclipse will remain an action-adventure title and still be full of the excitement we know Star Wars for. "Where the formula is changing, we said very clearly we are doing an action-adventure, so the action elements are also going to be very important," he continued. "This is something we'll be able to speak about in the future, but keep in mind, it's an action-adventure."

There's a lot of hype surrounding the untapped potential of the Old Republic era, so let's hope Star Wars Eclipse can do it justice. The history of Star Wars games is a bit of a muddled one, and for every Fallen Order, there's been a Battlefront II. At least the Eclipse formula is equally changing and staying the same for the new QD game - and only time will tell how it'll turn out. Luckily, the team has got time in spades.

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