Star Wars Eclipse Gets Disappointing Update

Star Wars Eclipse Gets Disappointing Update
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Joseph Kime


24th Oct 2022 10:21

Star Wars Eclipse seems to be something quite ambitious for Star Wars games, but probably not for the reasons you might think. The sci-fi series is in the hands of Quantic Dream, the development team behind the likes of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human.

Fans are sceptical of the company's gameplay habits and style, and are wondering how their development style will impact a story set in the galaxy far, far away - as is everyone else, as we haven't heard anything about the game since its cinematic trailer. And now, we've got an update that could put the game in jeopardy.

What's Going On With Star Wars Eclipse?

Star Wars Eclipse Gets Disappointing Update
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According to a report from Sacred Symbols (and transcribed by VGC), it seems as though Star Wars Eclipse isn't actually in the works right now. Gulp.

"The game, as far as I can tell, is not even really in production yet," says the podcast's host Colin Moriarty. If this claim is true, it's a little alarming - the game isn't expected to launch until many years in the future with a vague date of 2028 floating around the internet.

As the company has struggled to hire a team for the game after a huge slew of damning claims about company head David Cage's behaviour and a toxic work environment, there's every chance that the game simply doesn't have the staff it needs. 


Star Wars Eclipse Will Focus On A Political Conflict

As the podcast states, Star Wars Eclipse will feature protagonist Sarah, a member of a new human-like race called the Zaraan. "It prides itself on political and military aggression and similar to what you find elsewhere in Star Wars," reveals the podcast.

"There's little differentiation between males and females when it comes to roles and responsibilities. But, there’s an interesting wrinkle - when Zaraan marries, their nuptials carry interesting military implications as they become one governing unit that works together.

“This is a problem, because Sarah, a fanatical true believer in the violence and criminality regularly demonstrated by her empire, is married to a character named Xendo, who is a far softer touch. Part of the game seems to revolve around these two characters and their relationship."

There is no official reason offered for Star Wars Eclipse not being in development, but if it's a result of a lack of staff, it looks like we're going to be waiting some time for the game actually to arrive. Eclipse's narrative certainly sounds fascinating, but it actually has to come out before we can make judgements. And as the days draw on, that day seems further and further from us.

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