Sony reportedly working on a new PlayStation handheld

Sony reportedly working on a new PlayStation handheld
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Tom Chapman


5th Apr 2023 15:16

While mobile gaming went through a massive boom and seems to have dropped off, we have to accept that taking your pixels on the move is the way forward. When the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X look like a Wi-Fi router and washing machine in the corner of the lounge, they aren't exactly made for portability.

Nintendo has married the best of both worlds, with the Nintendo Switch offering both docked and handheld play, while the Steam Deck has also been going great guns with the power of a PC in your hands. Sony has dabbled in this type of tech before, but is a new PlayStation handheld on the way? 

Is Sony working on a new PlayStation handheld?

According to Giant Bomb's Jeff Gubb, the secret piece of hardware Sony has apparently been working on isn't a PS Vita 2, but something similar. Telling fans to "definitely scope down those expectations," Grubb claimed it will let you stream games on the go. 

Insider Gaming has a full report that claims it's codenamed the "Q Lite" and is a successor to the PS5's Remote Play feature. The site says it won't be based around cloud streaming but will support 1080p resolution up to 60FPS. This could fit into Sony's "second phase" of the PS5.

Early prototypes apparently show something that looks like the PS5 DualSense controller, boasting an 8-inch LCD touchscreen at the centre. It should include adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, as well as all the usual buttons and an input jack. Given the track record of Insider Gaming, this is going in the maybe pile. 

Sony has a troubled past with handhelds

It's time to look back at the sorry state of the PlayStation Vita (if you can remember it). First released in 2011, the follow-up to the PSP was supposed to rival the Nintendo 3DS but fell far short. Uncharted Golden Abyss was a pretty great game, but the supposed AAA library was far from it. 

The Q Lite could've been a way to redeem the Vita, but instead, a streaming system that doesn't support games natively is effectively just a peripheral to the PS5. Plus, needing a stable internet connection is sure to lock out a huge fan base. 

Still, if Sony is going to make an announcement, the upcoming PlayStation showcase ahead of Summer Games Fest should be one to mark in your diary. We've heard a lot about mythical additions to the PlayStation shelves, but so far, there's been nothing concrete. 

As for when you could see the Q Lite, Insider Gaming says it'll release after the rumoured removable disc drive PS5 but before the rumoured PS5 Pro, meaning it would between the end of 2023 and the end of 2024...if you choose to believe these things.

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