Sony Working On New PS5 For 2023

Sony Working On New PS5 For 2023
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Joseph Kime


20th Sep 2022 08:39

PlayStation has proven itself to produce some amazing hardware over the years, even if fans can't easily get their hands on it all.

PS5 stock aside, PlayStation has outdone itself with the most recent console. Alongside the DualSense controllers quietly revolutionising the way we experience video games in the new generation, Sony's forays into VR proved a massive success too.

The gaming giant seems unstoppable in theory, and restrained by component stock shortages in practice. Currently, the two PS5 consoles on offer right now have served players well so far, but as it turns out, there could be more yet to come.

Is Sony Working On A PS5 Pro?

Sony Working On New PS5 For 2023
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According to Insider Gaming, there are sources in the ranks of Sony that have hinted toward a new version of the PS5. This mythical version is supposedly the same in terms of hardware and processing power, but is set to come with a detachable disc drive that is connected to the console via USB-C. 

The new console is named behind the scenes as the D chassis PlayStation 5, and perhaps most interesting about the new console is that it seems to imply that the disc-free version of the PlayStation 5 could be the aesthetic way forward for Sony.

It's not quite a PS5 Pro, but is reported to sell in bundles and separately. Although none of this information is officially confirmed, it's certainly an interesting implication - especially when stock problems for the PS5 are still a very real barrier for fans trying to get into the next generation of gaming.

When Is The Revised PlayStation 5 Coming Out?

The report suggests that the new revision of the PlayStation 5 could be coming in the middle of 2023's fiscal year. As well as indicating that it could be launching in September, it makes a lot of sense considering the base PS5 launched in November 2020. 


A gap of about three years fits with the PS4 Pro launching in 2016 after the standard dropped in 2013. Then again, remember this isn't a PS5 Pro. The idea is that a disc-free version of the console would help Sony with its continued production problems. Let's also remember Sony has been passing problems down to us with that recent PS5 price hike

The notion that we could be getting a brand new PlayStation this time next year is certainly an interesting one, given that the stock of the consoles we have now are still hard to come by - but it's certainly a fascinating way forward. Who knows, maybe this could become PlayStation's new normal as discs are shown the door? 

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